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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In A Perfect World a perfect world (my mental insanity) I would have time to do everything on my to-do list.  Yes I know it is Wednesday and the day to Increase our E-Notion IQ....however

I took the opportunity to visit with my 6 month old niece, Lola. instead of blogging this morning...or this afternoon....couldn't help myself.  I know you understand but I have that mental nagging in my brain ...."Kelly today is must be could have planned ahead...blah, blah, blah."  Instead I told those pain in the rear thoughts to go jump in the lake and I had a wonderful time with my sister, Taylor and her daughter Lola.

Check out my first locker hooking project.  I've wanted to learn how to do it for over a year and finally made a practice piece....a mug rug.

This mug looks good on my mug rug....don't ya think?  Ya gotta love the saying on the mug...Don't Make Me Count To Three! 

Patsy Thompson came to visit on Monday and we made this heart block.  It is from  Sarah Vedeler's  Machine Embroidery Hearts CD.  I have heard that machine embroidery is addictive....I gotta be careful!

Some folks asked to see the close up pix I took of "Look At Me."  So here you go....more pix...with some close-ups.

Hopefully I'll get to my E-Notion IQ post soon...however I'm leaving for PA on Friday and I'll be gone for a week.  A much needed vacation and I'm going to visit my stitching friends.  I'm going to put a sign on IHAN website that says "Gone Fishing" will ship orders again on Monday Sept. 26.  If anyone has a dire need...I'll do my best to get it shipped...but no promises....I'm planning on really, really, really soaking up some me time :)
Big Smiles,


  1. Great post, as always. Sure wish I could have joined your and Patsy for some machine embroidery time. Love the ME heart you created.


  2. How sweet is Lola! I love your E-Notion IQ posts, but this was a great post! Family time is way too important to pass on! I have all the locker hooking supplies and have had for sometime!
    I am going to have to try it soon! Your mug rug is great! Have a great vacation! Your heart is beautiful! Love the color!

  3. Oh...I have done nothing but think about your art quilt...I soooooooooooooooooooo love it....enjoy that little one...without guilt....she will be all grown before you know it.

  4. Kelly, visiting with that little bundle of sweetness, she is adorable, means you have your priorities in the right place. This is a wonderful post.

  5. I really need to use my embroidery machine for more than quilt labels. Cute heart.

  6. Sweet baby love is always better than anything. You definitely made the right choice. With my bad memory no IQ anything would stick in my head. Love the picture of your niece.

    Great mug and mug rug and all those peacocks!!!

  7. I'm glad to see you're getting some face time with little Lola - she's a doll!! She would distract anybody with a heart!!

    And speaking of hearts, you did a beautiful job on your ME heart - the colors are soooo lively & fun - it's you all over!! And thanks for sharing Look At Me again - I'll never tire of looking at him!! You are one talented lady!

    Go fishing and enjoy your family & peace. Well, with the boys, it might not be peace in the literal sense, but it will be exciting & refreshing just the same!!

  8. Hi Kelly, yes you are right machine embroidery is VERY addictive. I love my embroidery machine, I use it every single day and am upgrading very, very soon so I will have two going at the same time driving my family mad! They hate my machine LOL. Love that hearts cd and the peacock is beautiful.

  9. What a cutiepie! Enjoy your "me" time - you deserve it!

  10. A great big pat on the back for you Kelly, GOOD FOR YOU!!! Oh that baby is too adorable. I know you love blogging, but we're not that cute! Your mug rug is lovely, but your peacock is incredibly gorgeous - you rock!

  11. You chose the correct priority! Notions can wait.

  12. I wish Patsy would come visit me. Imagine one-on-one quilting lessons .. oh how I want.


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