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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Putting My Fishing Pole Down

But just for a second.   There is so much material for blog posts but I promised myself I would take a much needed break and visit with my quilting girlfriends here in PA. 

The Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild (I am a member) has volunteered to make place mats for the Meals On Wheels Program.  Before our meeting on Monday night Mary Jane and I whipped up these place mats.  Nothing fancy...just functional.

These are Debbie Mum panels that were once calendars.  Who needs a cloth calendar from 2000?
This place mat was made from left over blocks Mary Jane had left over from a quilt.  I disassembled them and sewed the blocks together and put the border on them.  I think it is cool to use up blocks like these.  Notice they were not my blocks...I don't have many left over blocks....I make just enough for my quilts....I'm too lazy to make extra blocks.

I hope all is well with you....I'll be in PA until Monday.  If I get time I'll check back in before then.



  1. I am glad you are enjoying your trip and placements for the meals program is a wonderful gift idea.


  2. Wow...where are you in PA? Well, it looks like you are enjoying your trip!


  3. Love the place mats! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  4. I agree...I don't make "extra blocks" when I make a quilt.

    Hope the "fishin" is good. LOL

  5. I can't thank you, MJ, and all of the guild members enough! I brought home 38 placemats Monday night which put us well over our goal for the project! Woohoo!

    Enjoy the rest of your fishing trip!

  6. Waht a wonderful project....I will have to keep this one in mind...thanks!

  7. I love this beautiful gift that you are making. Certainly an area I had not heard of and to think how much you will brighten up someone's day with your placemat. Judy C

  8. Hi Kelly! Glad you are having a great visit! Are you going to be back in Ohio in time for us to see your Zentangle quilt on Tuesday night (which I KNOW you finished...ha)???

  9. That's a generous and awesome project that I would think would be joyously appreciated by the recipients. The only way I end up with extra blocks is if I decide it's a reject for use after it's made...otherwise, I only make just enough...I gotta move on to the next quilt on the ever lengthening to-do list. Continue with the fun!

  10. Glad to see you are having a "restful" time? Enjoy yourself!

  11. Glad to hear you're having a great fishin' trip.

    Love your placemats and think that's a great idea for M.O.W.

  12. As usual, still thinking of others!! What a terrific upcycle/recycle project - wouldn't that be great to get FFA or 4H kids involved in that? Everybody's a winner!

    Hope you're having lots of fun and taking lots of pics - you know how we love to hang out with y'all!!!

    I've only once had extra blocks and that's because I can't do math! I love what you did with 'em tho!!

  13. What a great project. These placemats will surely bring big smiles to many. I look forward to hearing more about your retreat. Have fun!


  14. What a fun project to do! I know that they'll appreciate them. I'm glad that you are having fun too.

  15. Our guild has made holiday ones for Meals on Wheels for 2 years, but doing them at other times is a great idea!


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