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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is National Sewing Month

Yes, September is National Sewing Month!!!  I am inviting you to join me in celebrating and honoring the tradition of the needle arts by recognizing those people in your life that have either taught you to stitch, encouraged you to stitch, given you time and support as you have pursued your passion for stitching.
 Who taught you to sew/embroidery/knit/crochet?  What was it about them that made you want to take up stitching?

We all have a story to share about those people in our lives who have given us the gift and love of stitching.

 I would like for you to send this person a hand written letter or card (send flowers if you and say Thank You and tell them what it means to you that they have shared their gifts with you.
I know many have already passed on (you can write those in your journal if you like) but there are plenty of folks who keep us inspired and wanting to learn more right here right now who would probably appreciate knowing how they touched your life.
It is also a good time to reflect on how you are or have impacted the life of another stitcher in a positive way....did you give them some thread or fabric to get them going?
Take time to be grateful for those experiences....really let yourself feel the treasure that we all have to enjoy and share with one another....our time and attention.

So often we are caught up in the project or technique at hand.....wanting it to be "wonderful" or as amazing as we see it in our minds even though many of us are not able to translate the exact perfection of our minds onto cloth or thread.

Take a step back, take time to reflect.....and take a crazy leap into the abyss....and enjoy what you have accomplished and created.  Isn't it wonderful?
Then take out a note card or piece of real paper....and write a note to someone who has impacted your stitching life positively. (no text messages, tweets, e-mails, etc permitted)

Feel free to enclose a little mug rug....a package of needles or even a tea bag....any little token of appreciation....people always love a little surprise....think of how many people's lives will be touched if every one of us just writes one note.  I know I have several to write :)

In closing, I'd like to acknowledge one woman who has taken on a huge mission to invite those who don't stitch to learn to stitch by giving them the necessary tools to begin.  She came up with this idea all on her own....out of the goodness of her heart....without being paid one thin dime....just to share with others the pleasure of stitching.

Who is this woman? 

 Madame Samm from Sew We Quilt and Sew I Quilt!  Did you know she has singlehandedly launched a 3 month campaign that includes daily giveaways to quilters and not yet quilters/stitchers?  She has given so much of her precious time and talent just to encourage others to learn to stitch so they too can share in the joy of stitching.  Impressive isn't it?  I think so....THANK YOU Madame Samm for being willing to do so much to share your joy with the rest of us :) 

At the end of September, I am going to invite you all back to share your stories about your experiences and the outcome of your sending notes....and of course if you received a note....that might be fun to share too.

With much gratitude and big smiles,


  1. What a wonderful shout out to Samm - thanks Kelly. She has single handedly turned the tide on interest in quilting.

    My Aunt Maxine was my sewing inspiration and she lived in Rocky Mount, NC when we lived in Hampton, VA. To come for a visit, meant bringing her sewing machine and notions because I would be getting new outfits. I was the only girl in the family. I would sit for hours watching her sew. She made every Easter dress and coat I had up until about age 12. She is gone now, but her memory, her patience and love for me will always be remembered with great love and tenderness. She was a truly great lady. Judy C in NC

  2. My grandmother got me started sewing. She had a treadle sewing machine that I was fascinated with when I was a child. In junior high I went on to take sewing in home economics and enjoyed making basic clothes. That habit lasted through college. After I had children I kind of slowed down. I had not sewn for several years until a co-worker asked me to go to a quilting class with her. That was 18 months ago and I have not stopped quilting since.

  3. Kelly this is just awesome! Of course Samm deserves a huge thank you from us all..her work has blessed so many of us. Thanks for posting this. Blessings, marlene

  4. Thanks for the information and the challenge. I took the challenge -although I went a slightly different direction with it.

    Madame Samm is doing a great job. She called one of my friends to help her solve a problem getting in the 'wantobes' and she emailed another friend. That is way above the call of duty. Kudos to Madame Samm!

  5. Great post Kelly. And I think Samm is doing such an amazing job. She is an amazing woman!!!

  6. Kelly that is a lovely idea - I still see the lady who started me every week. But I really want to make her something to acknowledge the gift she's given me!

  7. My mother taught me to sew... let me watch her sewing, ask a zillion questions, get into her fabric remnants and use her machine to "learn" on... when I was barely tall enough to perch on the chair and reach the foot pedal.

    Mother died when I was 18 yrs old... but she left me with the skills and confidence to try new things (knitting, crochet, quilting, etc.) because I knew it was possible to learn new skills.

    Sewing and my sewing machine are a part of who I am... it's what I do, it's my creative outlet, I'd be lost with out sewing in my life.

  8. Kelly, you & Madame Samm have influenced me & taught me more than you'll ever know! I just don't how Samm's doing it - keeping track of everything & even storing it all! Not to mention, GETTING it all! I did event sponsorship for 10 years for March of Dimes, and boy, it was like pulling teeth to get giveaway prizes, so she really has my admiration! I know you pull a lot of stuff from your own supply wagon, so your generosity is boundless too!!

    I have no idea where my skills come from - I am the first in my family to craft on any level! Hopefully, I've passed on the love of needles to my own daughters, but I don't think so - it's much easier to ask mom to bring her sewing machine for a visit!

    I sure have learned a lot from all my bloggy friends tho!! And it's been a lot of FUN too!!

  9. Fantastic post, Kelly! I'm taking note card and pen in hand now!

  10. My grandmother and great-grandmother are why I quilt. I never learned to sew properly, even tho they wanted to teach me. I just wasn't interested then. I didn't start quilting until they were gone for a while. I now collect vintage sewing machines because my grandmother sewed on one. Using them is how I honor her memory. She would have been please.

  11. I have a long-lost friend who lives in Florida named Kat Woodley that I want to thank for giving me my first quilt lesson. Unfortunately I have lost all contact to her. Thanks, Kat.

  12. I think Madame Samm , is such an awesome person .I have spoken to her several times on the phone and she is really a sweetie and so helpful and down to earth. I don't live too far from her and hope one day to meet her in person.Kelly I really appreciate all you do to , in helping us know all about the notions that are new. I also love your sense of humor and the fact that you answer when people comment on your blog. It is people like you and Samm that make the quilting world so wonderful. Blessings Sandra

  13. I was so lucky to find Kelly's site I have A Notion and Kelly. I spoke with her today and she is very knowledgable and helpful...I will be contacting her often I'm sure for help and supplies. Thank You Kelly!!!


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