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Monday, October 17, 2011

Creative Grids Rulers and Coordinating Patterns

I read this today in the  Checker Distributor Newsletter and I thought it was so good I asked to reproduce their post here on the IHAN blog.  I'm so glad they said yes...THANKS Checker!!!

Creative Grids Double Strip Rulers Shine

Oct 17th, 2011 by Penny Haren (the post below is an edited version of Penny's original post)

The strip rulers are simply brilliant designs – but until we got them into the hands of brilliant designers, we didn’t know how truly special they are! We knew the basic concept was a winner – but didn’t realize the versatility of the tools….Check these out!

All of these quilts were made with this same ruler....

Kaleido-Strips 8 by Rita Fishel of Creations Sew Clever
This ‘double strip” version of a kaleidoscope makes short work of the tedious task of rotary cutting these quilts….
Joan Ford – Scrap Therapy
Joan has used this ruler in several quilts – and they all look totally different!

Around Town…
This ‘double strip” version of a kaleidoscope makes short work of the tedious task of rotary cutting these quilts….

Without a Paddle….

Trade Winds….
In this quilt, Joan combines the Creative Grids Double Strip Kaleidoscope with the Creative Grids Template Whirligig Charming 5 " Square.

1001 Peeps by Lizzy House
Lizzy combined these two rulers, the 45 Degree Double Strip Ruler and the Lazy Angle Ruler,  to produce the cover quilt in her new book….

The Double Strip 60 Degree Ruler
Rita Fishel of Creations Sew Clever has done it again – this 60 degree version of a kaleidoscope quilt….

Kelido-Strips by Rita Fishel

The Storm at Sea Ruler….

All of the cuts for this Storm at Sea by Rita Fishel, are made with this one ruler…

The Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler….
What a fun way to work with positive and negatives….

Some of these patterns will not be available until next month – but you may want to pre-order now so you'll be sure to have the one you want before the first shipments sell out.

See...I told you it is a cool post to the Checker Newsletter.



  1. Is there a video that demonstrates it?
    thanks for keeping us up to date with the latest. :)

  2. What beautiful quilts!!! I just bought the 90 degree double strip ruler and Strip-Smart Quilts book by Kathy Brown...can't wait to try it out!!

  3. I passed that by this morning when I zeroed out my reader this morning(long weekend). I need to pay more attention...LOL!

  4. Their rulers are awesome...I want the curvy one.

  5. sa-weet! thanks Kelly ☺
    Someday I'd like to make a storm at sea quilt but I don't think I'm experienced enough yet. I'm going to take a closer look at that particular ruler now...

  6. I love Checker rulers -- and have several. It's my goal to own one of each. And maybe someday I'll even consider quilting with one of them. LOL!! :)

  7. Beautiful quilts. These rulers look interesting. Are there any videos on how to use them? If not, do you think you could write a tutorial? I'd love to understand how they work. Definitely different that a straight ruler.



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