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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free Motion Magic with Patsy Thompson

This past Saturday, my friend Jean and I took a Free Motion Quilting class with Patsy Thompson

We seem to always have fun together and when Patsy Thompson is in the room, you are guaranteed to have a great time and learn to expand your free motion quilting skills.
Patsy started by showing us how to practice some designs on paper before we attempted to stitch them.  Some us don't draw well on a straight line much less going drawing South, North, East and West without picking up our pens.  So I was thinking, "I sure got some learnin' to do."
You can see Patsy is quite proficient at drawing in all directions.  It is absolutely fascinating to watch Patsy quilt.
 She holds both sides of her fabric sandwich lightly as she glides it under the needle.  Patsy uses Silicone Spray on the acrylic sewing surface of her sewing machine.  I was surprised to see how well it worked.  Patsy knows what she's talking about....the Silicone Spray works very well.
This is Karen Karr and she was in our class as well.  Karen has taken other classes with Patsy and clearly has made some impressive progress.

She brought this quilt to share with Patsy and the class.  Karen's quilt took First Place at the Wood County Fair.  You can't really see all the quilting that well in this me is was beautiful!
Using the Trueflex Ruler, Patsy taught us how she starts with a curved line and then adds leaves and feathers to the lines.  What a nice way to get consistent curves. 
 I just loved watching Patsy draw these designs...she makes it look so easy.

This is Patsy's quilting...clearly not mine :)
I headed back to my sewing station and got to work.  Lets just say, I'm making progress....and leave it at that.

I finally got into the swing of things and noticed I was creating my very own designs.
While doing some random practicing I noticed I had made this design below.
It is an original...exclusively mine...and I'm calling it "Echoing Butts"....because that is what it looks like...LOL.
I went back to look at some other designs I had made and I then saw the theme...more butts!  Doesn't that echoing stitch look like a rear end?  Hmmm...what does this all mean? 

As the class was wrapping up Patsy offered the samples she had made during class to the students.  (internal thoughts...Feet Don't Fail Me Now!!!)
 I asked her to autograph it and I'm going to put it in my sewing area so I can feel the inspirational vibes when I practice.
Patsy is an excellent teacher and was very patient with everyone.  I can't even begin to tell you about the quilts she brought to'll have to check out her blog to see all those amazing quilts.  She told us we were such a quiet class.  Well yeah we were quiet....her quilts were breath taking and I dont' talk when I'm admiring such beautiful art.  If you want to take a class with Patsy Thompson, she has several excellent DVD's and you can have your own private class with Patsy.

When you visit Patsy's blog, make sure to check out her new passion, Machine Embroidery.  She has added some beautiful ME to some of her designs.


PS...almost forgot to tell ya, I'm going to be on Sew We Quilt blog tomorrow.  AND you know what?  The giveaways are now open to everyone, no sponsors needed!!!  So get over there get to leavin' comments :)


  1. Echoing butts! See you at Sew We Quilt!

  2. Machine quilting does take time and practice. What fun to take a class from one of the Free Motion quilting queens!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with free motion quilting! I am scared to death of it, but realize that I will always be scared until I actually start practicing it...over and over till I get the hang of it.

  4. You go!!! Look at the huge difference from when you started :-D Great job. I know, practice is the hard part, but it's gonna be so good! Lucky you to spend face time with Patsy -- she seems like such a fun, relaxed person.

  5. Lucky Girl, lucky girl! Great post, I loved it!

  6. Thank you for the laugh! I needed it today. Its wonderful to have fun when you are learning something. I think that reinforces the learning (you can imagine my 2nd grade classroom! The teachers around me thought we were having way too much fun.)

  7. Karen Karr's quilt was fabulous! I wish everyone could have seen it up close and personal like we did. The quilt world will be hearing a lot about that woman and her incredible talent.

    We did have fun in that class. Such inspiration!

    Echoing butts... cracks me up... bwhahahahahahaahahah!

  8. What a wonderful class and you can see from the start to your last design, how much you improved, very nicely done.


  9. Sounds like you had a good time. Echoing butts. Hmmm.

  10. I am green with envy.... I do miss being able to take a class.... but books and DVD's help... but they just aren't the same.

  11. Ok, this is something I have not here is the scoop you are most certainly better than I lol..
    you are sew funny..x

  12. Echoing butts is as good as my hieny hearts.

  13. I'll tell you the same thing I told Jean...I'm so SO jealous!

  14. You made great progress! Echoing butts is not bad:) I'm a little jealous, but glad you and Jean had a good time!

  15. What a wonderful experience! I'd love to take one of her classes. I do own one of her DVD's, it's really good. I need to find it and get back to practicing.

  16. Thanks for the laugh of the day echoing butts that is a new one but cute (no pun intended). Looks like you had fun I know my samples look like your first ones but definitely you got better as day went on.
    On an added note I wanted to tell you my side winder and binding maker arrived in Canada safely and just three days after birthday but I was a happy camper. Blessings Sandra

  17. Cool class..and YAAAY for your stint on Sew We Quilt! (o sponsor of mine!)

  18. You got to take a class with Patsy! You lucky girls. I have her DVDs and she is so very talented.

  19. Wow her quilting was great. How fun to be able to take a class from such an expert? Makes me realize I really need to practice my quilting skills.

  20. Hi Kellythanks for all the wonderful information on the scissors...I enjoyed reading and I agree with you on the Famore scissors...they are just wonderful. No affiiation just a happy customer....take care and have a wonderful day....

  21. Echoing butts...LOL, it does look like that very thing.

  22. I am not a good fmq-er ! I did get some gloves over the summer , and I have more confidence and will be making hot pads&mug rugs for practice! thanks for the scissors post ; I thought I had too many but now you have made me realize that I NEED more ! my favorite are my stainless Gingher's ; but I have not tried Famore's !I am following you now !

  23. Yes, yes. I'm here from We love French knots....Love the information on the scissors!

  24. It must have been so much fun taking a class with Patsy, I love her work! Your "Echoing Butts" is just too funny!

  25. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for this very nice review of the class! Glad to hear you had a fun time!


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