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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

**Edited 10/16/11

Beautiful Autumn in Ohio

I walked around the corner and saw my co-workers standing on the back of the sofa...hmmmm?
As I got closer I understood why they were glued to the window...check this out:
How on earth did that grasshopper get up in that spiders web?  This is over 6 feet above the ground.  Sort of gross I know....but cool at the same time.
I dropped by Waldo's house and this is what she has on her design wall.  These blocks stopped me in my tracks.  The stripes, polka dots and solids (sm prints that read solid) just work so well together....and who would have thought?
(for all you new followers-Waldo is Mrs. Rosemary my friend and neighbor..I call her Waldo because she pops up in lots of photos so it is like a Where is Waldo books)

I had to do a close up of this block....I just love it.  It has both Kaffe Fassett fabrics and Marcia Derse fabrics in there.  The is Tuscan Windmills by Kaye England.  The funny thing is Waldo's blocks look nothing like the quilt on the cover of the pattern because she chose such different completely changes the look of the quilt all together. 

Back to the co-workers.....Zach was a bit lost because he didn't know what he wanted to do this morning.  I made a few suggestions and as we were passing through the kitchen he said, "Momma, I think I was born to cook."  Who knew?  So we took out some fun stuff from the cupboard.  As he was looking for the beaters he came across a little plastic bowl cover.  He asked, "Momma, is this from when I was a baby?"  LOL....ummmm is a plastic bowl cover.  Zach promptly put it on his head like it was a you wonder where he gets this stuff from?  I just had to grab my camera and take his picture.

Chef Zach....waring an apron his Momma made and his baret' aka...plastic bowl cover :)

Here you can see what we call, "cooking from scratch"....ROFL

This kid is going places....I just know it!

Back to sewing now....I have been learning Machine Embroidery and this is a kitchen towel I made using a ME Design I purchased recently...Whimsical Flowers by Mary Gartner.  The design is absolutely beautiful and I wanted it to go in my green kitchen.  Who learns to do ME and chooses a pattern that requires 21 thread changes?  I'm nuts....but I loved the pattern and dog-gone-it I was going to have it.  Unfortunately I got all the threads in the wrong order and some I substituted so I think it looks like a cloth from a Caribbean trinket gift shop...LOL.'s mine and it is now hanging in my kitchen and I love it.

Now, on to Thursday night's Black Swamp Quilt Guild Meeting.  We had several guests and one of them is from Australia. 
This is Lyn Gladwin from Southern Australia.  She is in town for her son's wedding.  She brought this beautiful quilt to show all of us.  The bottom of the quilt represents the farm fields and the top left is the Australian Outback and the upper right represents Queensland (tropical climate). 
It was made for her soon to be daughter-in-law.  The title is, "My Australia."  I was thrilled to meet Lyn and Nancy and  hear a little about their lives.  Lovely women and definitely a highpoint of  the evening.
Another highpoint of the guild meeting was the 4 Corners Show and Share....or what ever it was called?  I didn't take enough photos so I'll just share this one with you.

This is Mary Lee and she demonstrated how she makes her free form quilts.  She is definitely an art quilter and she is in the "zone" when she is slicing, sewing and dicing.   Mary Lee gave a full demonstration of the process and then shared her quilt in progress that uses the methods she uses.  She used Marcia Derse fabrics .... another quilt I want to steal. 

Edit below
Each month we acknowledge those with birthdays that month.  One of the gals, Cindy, turns fifty this month and in honor of her 50th birthday....she has finished her 50th quilt this month.  I had my facts wrong, I had said Cindy made 50 quilts in one month.  YES that is 50 quilts in one month.  Now, she looked somewhat rested and didn't look like she was starving to death....I have no clue how she managed the feat...but she did.  You may remember Cindy and Mary Lee took first place in the Iron Quilter Challenge a few months ago.  In an hour and 15 minutes they made and finished a wall quilt.  If you missed that here.  Perhaps that's how she managed 50 quilts....a few times a day she put her hat on and assumed the mindset of the Iron Quilter.  You can only wonder :)

These are the charity quilts that were donated this month.  Yes, this is one months....not 6 months...but one month of donated quilts.  Each month I'm amazed at how quickly this table fills up and the good fortune I have to be a part of a group of women who are so talented and generous.

That is pretty much a run down of my week....other than running a business, being a mother to the two IHAN co-workers and a wife.....ok...I'm going to rest now....don't expect a post tomorrow...I may just want to zone out :)

Hope you had a wonderful week!



  1. Ah the joys of rearing boys! I've seen enough spiders to last me a lifetime...but that grasshopper is waaaay cool stuff.
    Mary Lee has wonderful taste-so glad she's not saving the Derse like fine china much the same way SOME people do. I'm almost there---swearsies!

  2. Oh my -- what a fun post!! You are all over the place, aren't you? I could have done without the spider (tad sensitive after a brown recluse bite last summer) but at least this one has her sights set on the grasshopper! Your guys have charming grins. Love your budding chef!! Have an incredible weekend! :)

  3. Nothing like creepy bugs to keep a boy amused;)
    Sounds like you are keeping busy and a day of rest sounds like a good idea.


  4. Zach looks great in his chef's apron and beret! I love how you let the boys be themselves. Yes it is "from scratch" if you have to
    a. break an egg OR
    b. add two or more ingredients from your cupboard.

    Kelly, Check my latest blog post!

  5. My son loved to cook at this age and he has been a corporate chef for big Canadian Chains all the way down to busboy and dishwasher. Now he is a consultant who helps you set up restaurants ,hire staff and everything in between. So we never know, what a cutie. Blessings Sandra

  6. wow so many great stories and pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Kelly your boys are absolutely so cute. Of course you can't tell them they are cute, but you can tell them they are handsomely cute ;-) Because cute is cute!!!

  8. Your son...tooo funny!!! Did you enjoy his treat? If you were to see me, you would she is enjoying way tooo many treats!!!

    Loved seeing the projects and that is alot of quilts in one month....!!

  9. Good grief. You are on a roll. I love the picture of your co-workers observing the grasshoppers plight. That Tuscan windmill design is great. Love it. It is nice that you have a budding chef in your midst. He could go on to be a Food Network Star.

  10. You must be the busiest person I know. Every time I read your blog, you've been off to some place checking out quilting shows, supply stores, artists homes, etc. How I'd love to follow you for a day. And to still have little ones at home. My life was so full with my two children at home. I wouldn't have time to quilt back then. You sure do it all. And I can tell the boys aren't neglected one bit. They look happy! Bet their beds have piles of quilts on them.

  11. What fun. I can just about smell Zach's brownies. I agree, he is definitely going to go places. Glad to see he enjoys baking.

    And I love your ME work. Always fun to play with colors and not follow the original color order, or colors for that matter. I love what you created. Great job!


  12. ROFL - you don't want to know how many pics I've taken of bugs for my boys!! Love Waldo's blocks. Good for you on letting Zach cook - my boys both know how and it serves them well, because I'm a TERRIBLE cook. *G*

    Pretty design, Kelly, I haven't done any ME in ages. Not sure where my embroidery arm is, lol. I hate designs with so many jumps and color changes! I'd line up my threads in order next to me so I wouldn't screw them up, lol. Enjoy your day off, girl!

  13. HOLY MOLY! 50 Quilts????!!!!!


    Awww... love the pics of your little chef. That makes me smile.

  14. Pumpkins, spiders, and your own chef! What a life......I want some brownies!!!!

  15. 50 quilts in one month, wow. I'm struggling with one quilt every six months


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