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Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's a good thing.... really is a good thing that there are not folks who come to your house to do mental status exams on a random basis.  I may not pass that exam!!
Yesterday while backing out of a parking spot I thought a meteor hit my van.

I had absolutely no idea what happened.  Just a loud and hard lightening.  Instantly I felt every cell in my body come alive....standing at attention.

Then I noticed a large black SUV pulling into the parking lot across from where I was.  I drove over and a gal got out of her SUV and I think she was as shocked as I was.

It was raining and cold and all I could saw was..."are you ok...what happened?"

We exchanged phone numbers and drove away.  Apparently I was so shocked I didn't know what to do.  Keep in mind I'm pretty darn independent and a capable that time I had no idea what to do. 

It has been over 20 years since I've been in an wonder I was shocked!    After my brain returned, I realized she hit me ... and hard too!

I came back to my senses and took care of business.  When I returned to IHAN headquarters,  I opened the door I noticed something didn't smell right.  What the heck?  Jake apparently had eaten something that didn't agree with him....lets just say he had a "personal problem" and it was not pretty.

(yikes...what a day)

I take his bedding and begin cleaning it....

Approximately 45 minutes later the yellow monster spit out two of my co-workers. 

I was ready for the afternoon post office run....until the oldest co-worker let out a loud squeal/cry..."I don't want to go anywhere."  Really?  Crying over going to the PO?  Dang...I can only dream of such a luxury.

With frazzled nerves I take care of business and started dinner.  While cooking I hear the crying co-worker say to the non-crying co-worker, "I'm spitting in  your shoe."  I about laughed my rear off.  Spit in a shoe? 

Ok, whatever....while dinner was cooking I grabbed a broom to sweep the floor...I have a nice little pile of dust and dog hair when the co-workers come running through the kitchen...yes stepping into the pile and tracking it all over.

My turn to let out a loud cry, "STOP!"  That when I was hit the second time in one day.  The kid had the nerve to respond by saying, "We're sorry Mom....we'll get out of your business."  When did sweeping the kitchen floor become "my business?"


What the hoodlee-doodley?  All I have to say is, I was feeling like spitting in someones shoe...ROFL.

To spare you the rest of the body is sore and I'm sorry I'm behind on my posts....but a girl has just got to get her head back on her shoulders :)

After all...Increasing your E-Notion IQ is just as good on Thursday as it is on Wednesday right?



  1. I'm so glad you're ok!!! Wow, how much damage did she do? I haven't had an accident in years either...but I'll tell you about one, it might cheer you up.

    I was at the library book sale, and had bought a cart full of books - one of those BIG carts. I was at the side of my van, trying to make $600 worth of books fit, when WHAM - something hit the other side of the van and rocked my world. I fell into the van, the books fell on me, and when I was almost untangled, it happened again! I ran around to the other side, and there was a little old lady [about 103] backing out of a parking space, not realizing that there was a gigantic van in her way. After hitting me a third time, with me screaming at her, she drove away just quick enough that I couldn't keep up with her. Did I think to get a license plate? Um, no. She didn't do much damage, except to my ego....apparently it was quite funny to the other library patrons to see a middle-aged woman trying to run down a senior in a Cadillac.

    Hope you're feeling better tonight, dear one! Go ahead and spit in someone's shoe, you have my permission!

  2. I am so sorry about your "shock/surprise/unbelief" incident..I just hope if I ever have one I will have the same lovely attitude as you did..Days like that can only be faced with humor, the other option is unacceptable.

  3. I would send you my best wishes or atleast say I am sorry you had a rough day If I could stop roflol ...

  4. **Hugs** Here's to hoping it is better today.

  5. What a day! You better stay home and sew today!

  6. Oh Kelly, a day from the dark side. Hope you get some rest and sanity and will be back in the lighter side of life soon.

  7. Ugh...hoping today is a much better day for you!

  8. Today WILL be better...there's always hope LOL! :)

  9. It sounds like one of those "terrible, horrible, very bad" days!!! I'm glad it's behind you.

  10. Some days sure are easier than others, sorry you have had a rough day. Hope you get to soak in tub or do something relaxing for your nerves cause they might be a little jangled by now. Take care! and a big cyber hug!

  11. Be glad you didn't get whiplash, or worse!

  12. Good googly moogly! What a day from down under! And I don't mean the lovely country of Australia!

    Sending you virtual hugs & a shoe to spit in! At least "your business" was prefaced with "I'm sorry," huh? I'm sure that makes it ok! :)

    Better stay away from the sewing machine or you just might find a new hole in your finger, thanks to a wayward needle!


  13. What a day you had yesterday!!! It's always good to see that it's the end of days like that, isn't it?? Glad you weren't hurt, and I hope that today is a lot better so that no one spits in your shoes. lol

  14. Some days just go from bad to worse. I hope that you are all right from that hit and get checked out just in case. I had someone rear end me and car wasn't damaged so we went on our happy way and a year later I was diagnoised with FM . The first thing I was asked had I been in car accident.
    Blessings for a better day tomorrow.

  15. Well, your bad day didn't damage your creativity. Love the illustrations to your tale of woe. Hope today is a better day!

  16. sorry to hear you were in an accident. i hope you are okay

  17. I sure hope for your sake that day never repeats itself.


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