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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Increase Your E-Notion IQ - Quilter's Grips and Tips by Nobel Notions

Today I'm reviewing three products by Nobel Notions.  The Quilter's Tips, Quilter's Grip and Quilter's Clamp.  The gals at Nobel Notions gave me this set to it is a "sponsored" review I guess you could say :)
More photos from Quilt Market ....hurray :)....this was the Nobel Notions Booth.
 I was interested in learning about their products and giving them a try.  The fact their table cloth was so beautiful didn't hurt one little bit :)
These are the Quilter's Tips....they fit on the ends of your fingers and grip the fabric while you are sewing or quilting.
The Quilter's Clamps are used for clamping fabric when basting and great for use as channel locks for long arm machines.  They are great to hang things on the edge of the table know I liked this little notions caddy being so handy.
Ok, my I am using the Quilter's Grips to practice some Free Motion Quilting.  The Quilter's Grips are different from anything else I've tried for Free Motion Quilting.  They are rigid and molded so your fingers easily slip into the Grip.  The nice thing about this type of Grip is they are easy to slip my fingers into and out of quickly.....which is helpful when I need to grab the phone...
 The Quilter's Tips are soft and flexible and really grip inside and out.  Here I was wearing them while piecing and they definitely grip the fabric...very nicely.  Another thing I liked about the Quilter's Grips is I could choose to put them on one finger or as many as I wanted/needed.  Six Grips come in a package.
 I just put three on because those are the three fingers I use most when sewing.
The Quilter's Grips come off easily too...I just rolled them down.  The Grips can be used for other tasks as well...they grip paper very well.

Both the Quilter's Grips and the Quilter's Tips say "One Size Fits All" and you know me....I believe One Size Fits Most.  I've met women with tiny fingers and hands and mine are...lets just say "Queen Size"...I'm guessing they fit most but if you have very tiny fingers...please e-mail me before ordering :)

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Before I close I also want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has shopped at IHAN and has taken the time to leave a thoughtful comment.  I've gotten some great feedback and I so appreciate that so many of you have taken the time to help me out :)  Feel free to spread the word with your friends and guild members too....that really helps quite a bit.  There is an IHAN logo/button in the upper right hand sidebar of my blog that you can feel free to copy and paste to your blog or website if you are so inclined.

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On the topic of shipping-I am in the middle of yet another colossal project....working on the USPS shipping zones and adjusting my website for individualizing those totals.  If there is ever a question.....please e-mail me....I can make sure your postage is exact with just one e-mail :)

Now...I've got to run...Mr. McSteamy is having a issue....some sort of pinched nerve in his leg....we can't let him go without lunch now can we?  LOL



  1. Those finger grippys would be great on my thumb and pointer finger to grab the needle sometimes it doesn't grab as easily when hand stitching as I would love it to..I put a sticky dot on my 3rd finger to keep the needle from poking my finger too often.. but these might be pretty awesome!

  2. I like the look of the finger grips, and I think you're right about one size fits most, lol. I hope Mr. McSteamy feels better soon...pinched nerves are NO FUN!

  3. I hope Mr. McSteamy is feeling better soon...not feeling well is no fun and having a hubby who isn't feeling well is even less fun!

  4. Best wishes to McSteamy.
    It is always fun to see what new things you will show us.

  5. I love your insights on new products. All of these look great. Those clamps look very helpful for sandwiching quilts, plus for picnics as well as those that need to hang quilts at quilt shows/vendor booths. Great new products!



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