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Monday, December 19, 2011

Are You A Curious Sort?

Are You A Curious Sort?
Are you of those who wants to know what other people are getting as gifts?  Do you want to know what they are doing?  I know I certainly am and I am not one least bit embarrassed to talk to people standing in the check out lines about who they are giving their purchases too.  I sneak in a little question or two as well...."so what do you secretly wish you will get as a gift?"  Yep....that used to be called "NOSEY" ....I have a kinder - gentler way to describe it....I call it Curious :)

I'd be happy to show you some of the amazing things I've received in the mail....just in case you are one of "those curious" types too :)
 I received this beautiful kitchen towel from Karin from Sew Write Creations along with a note that said, "doing dishes doesn't have to (the noise a baby makes when nursing).  Isn't that just too funny?  I love green so these penguins keep my spirits up....even tough I'm not gonna be doing any cookin'...cuz I don't like to cook! :)  Thank you Karin!  :)
 I received this gorgeous punchneedle snow man coat pin from my girlfriend Starr....Punchneedle and Me Blog.  Starr was my very first guest artist at the IHAN blog.  If you have not seen those posts and Starr's amazing HERE, HERE, and HERE and prepare for yourself to feel pure awe.  Thank you Starr!!!  You are one amazingly talented artist :)
WHO is this popping up in the middle of my blog post?  Hmmmm....oh yeah....this is the guy who was running through the house yesterday wearing this hat...."I'm a Russian King" he kept repeating as he ran through.   Well....I never knew I had given birth to a Russian King...but now I do.  When he was a baby I called him, "Sir Fussius Maxiums, Last of the Great Fussiesests" ...who knew that was Russian?  Do you ever wonder who you gave birth to? (the question is for the ladies...of course:)

Last evening when I had gathered some of the items I needed to wrap to ship today I had a thought.  The thought was, "I wonder if other people wonder what other folks order for gifts and for themselves?"  So if you are a curious is a photo of just some of the things I wrapped to ship today.  If you have any of things on your wish list and someone bought them for you....don't write asking if any of it was addressed to you...cuz I AINT TELLIN'!!!  I'm soooo bad :)

IHAN Holiday Specials

I thought I'd let everyone know I have two of each of these IHAN Holiday Specials left in stock.  Only TWO so if you want one or both....ya better order quick because when they are gone...they will be removed from the IHAN website.

Ok....returning to some fun things.  I have TWO IHAN Holiday Specials that end on Dec. 24th or when they sell out.  The first one is:

The Floriani Christmas Gift Set includes:
10 spools of Floriani Premium Polyester and 5 spools of Floriani Premium Metalic Threads, Florani Christmas Embroidery Design CD and "Stabilizing Solutions" DVD by Kay Brooks.
$340 Retail Value Only $130 AND you also get a FREE Greetings! CD by Smith Street Designs....compliments of IHAN :)
Total Retail Value: $364 all for $135...where else but IHAN can you find such wonderful deals? (Don't answer that...LOL)
There are only 2 Sets Available so order Now!
Offer Ends Dec. 24, 2011 or before if sold out. (this item will be removed from the IHAN website when sold out)

This is the Greetings! Embroidery CD by Smith Street Designs that is being given away FREE with these two specials. 
Floriani Embroiderers Starter Kit includes the absolute necessity stabilizers every embroidery must start with. 1 roll Heat N Sta Fusible Tearaway, 1 roll Tearaway Medium, 1 roll No-Sho Fusible Mesh, 1 roll Perfect Stick , 1 Roll Heat N Gone  PLUS 6 spools of Floriani Embroidery Thread in Basic colors: Red, Black, White, Green, Brown and Green.
This IHAN Holiday Special also includes a Greetings! Embroidery CD by Smith Street Designs.
Retail value: $163.99
IHAN Special $105
You Save $58.99

AND A little something for myself :)

I could not resist these Decals ....I bought two to give to enclose in a card for two friends.  I thought they were so cheerful ....

I also got one for myself to put on my I weak or what?

Thanks for visiting and reading.  A quick update on Mr. McSteamy (thanks for all the e-mails with prayers and thoughts and enquiries).  He had a MRI on Friday and he has a bulging disc.  We are waiting to see a neurosurgeon and we'll go from there.

Hope your day is full of moments of joy!



  1. Kelly:
    I used to be curious and then my husband took it away from me by booby trapping all my gifts...darn the bad luck! I am always curious what and why people give the gifts or cards they do, glad I am not the only one.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh ouch! A bulging disk sounds painful! I hope he gets relief soon. I love surprises, so I make myself wait. LOL Merry Christmas!

  3. Owie! Sure hope the doc can fix him up, fast. That is no fun. Merry Christmas to you and yours...and that Russian king, too! LOL

  4. I can imagine how busy you are this time of year, with the boys and your wonderful business. I hope your husband gets good news and they can repair his disc with less invasive surgery and that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


  5. I had a bulging disc years ago, and we corrected it with physical therapy. I also was told I could stand or lay on my stomach, but that was it. Walked and walked at PT, hot pads, and infrared heat of some sort. It worked, thank God.

    Have a happy, stressless week!

  6. Love the decal! My new "FordJeep" definitely needs one on the back window! Save me one...I'll be ordering soon!

    I hope Mr. McSteamy is feeling better very soon for both of your sakes!

  7. I sure hope Mr McSteamy will be better very soon. And maybe get him back on his feet to do the ironing. Seriously, I hope it is nothing too serious and can be fixed with PT.

  8. Hi Kelly , I had that many years ago and ended up having back surgery with removal of the disc and two steel pins in my back. So he has my empathy, I don't think they operate as much as they did back in 70's so I will pray that they can do something else to help him. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. Blessings Sandra

  9. No I do not call it nosey, nor curious, I call it interested. It is a sad life when you stop being interested!
    And asking the lady in the queue, may give you other ideas for what you may do, or give, or work on, and you may spark ideas for her...

    Long live interested.

  10. I'm nosy, I admit it!

    I'm also the type that if I'm riding in a car at night and looking at houses, I wanna see in the windows as I ride by. I'm not lewd, just curious to see what the wall colors are, furniture, etc.I especially like to look at Christmas trees... so many styles.

    It's also fun to watch people open gifts... curious to see what other people buy for gifts... no, not for me, but for others...

    Mom used to call me pussycat growing up -- partly because I was so darn curious...

  11. Yep, I'm nosy too - and all through the year, I'll ask folks at the cutting counter what they're using the fabric for, lol! You got some lovely gifts Kelly, those penguins are just way too cute, and that little snowman pin is too! I've not been able to master punchneedle but it is so pretty. The decals are darling...never thought of putting one on my laptop, what a great idea!
    Praying continue to go up for your poor hubby!!

  12. My DH(from PA) calls it "Nebbie", but I also call it curious... I think its a perspective thing.... I'm not shopping... and Christmas in South Africa is a much lower key thing than in the USA- really!!! Much more the, "its the thought that counts" kind of gifting. Also many here get an extened time off.... so the funds are spent on 'going to somewhere', not gifts!

    Sorry to hear about the back issue McSteamy is suffering through... hope all will be better soon.

  13. I have another word for you. Don't call it it attentive! Much better! I hope the Mr will recover soon. Usually physical therapy will have to do the trick. It hurts though.....Wish him all the best!

  14. Holiday hugs to the IHAN CREW. Poor McSteamy... he has my sympathy (as do you)

  15. Being curious has it's perks, since you get to see such cool stuff!

    I'm so sorry about the diagnosis on McSteamy, but at least now they know what it is so that they can decide what to do to help fix him.


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