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Friday, November 16, 2012

Feeling the Phoomph at Quilt Market 2012

You haven't heard about PhoomphCoats & Clark have a new product out and they call it Phoomph.  I was instantly intrigued because of the versatility of  Phoomph.

Phoomph was being marketed for Crafting at Quilt Market and I saw so many more purposes that I thought those who are into Textile Arts, Quilting, Machine Embroidery and hand stitching should be aware of this new product as well.
 Phoomph is a double sided adhesive (acid and lignin free) Bonding Sheet...there is no ironing required.  You just take your fabric, paper, embellishments, or what ever you are wanting to use and hand press it onto the Bonding Sheet.

Phoomph comes in individual sheets that are 9 x 12.  It comes in White, Black, Red, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green and Fuchsia and you have your choice of SOFT or STIFF.


What is so cool about Phoomph you ask?  This is what they were doing at Quilt Market with Phoomph.
They were using a Sizzix Big Shot and the Flower Layers Die by Eileen Hull.  The fabric was pre-cut, as you can see in the top of the photo below.  The fabric was hand pressed onto the Phoomph and then it was put through the Big Shot.

They also used these floral spiral dies as well.  You can see how nicely the Phoomph was cut using the Big freyed edges :)
Then the demonstrator used a hot glue gun to hold the flower petals in place while she molded the Phoomph into the shape of a flower.

You don't have a Fabric Cutting works just as well using a pair of scissors and the pattern below :)

(I am checking to see if they will be including this pattern in with the Phoomph or if it will be available on the Coats & Clark Website....I'll let you know)
This one was turned into a pin.  I think they would be beautiful on headbands and barrettes for girls as well.

My girlfriend, Bev, liked mine so much I had to give it to her.  See how pretty it is on her coat.
Here are some of the other ideas that Coats & Clark were showing at Quilt Market.
Talk about a fast teacher or babysitter gift....just use the Phoomph and a key ring and you can make a great key fob.  It doesn't get any faster or easier than that!

Phoomphy Smiles,


  1. hi Kelly, looks interesting, another thing I will want to make, I can't keep up at my age.
    How is the hand doing ,what are you able to do these days (any sewing). Who is cooking your Thanksgiving dinner? Get better soon. Blessings Sandra

  2. Thanks for showing a great product--I'm headed to the Quilt Show in Pullalup, WA tomorrow and will look for it. Wait until you see my line with Ellison; this product is going to be great, XOXO

  3. This looks like a fun product...thanks for sharing Kelly!!

  4. Looks like another great thing to try out! So many idea, so little time!

  5. That sounds like a great product to use when you want something stiff. I use a stiffener on my fabrics and it is messy.


  6. This looks like a fun new product. Thanks for sharing insights. Although the name "Phoomph" just doesn't work for me. They should have hired the talented Kelly Jackson to help come up with better name, branding, pre-marketing campaign imagine. Still, if Kelly recommends Phoomph I'm sure it is wonderful.


  7. Oh my! That looks very handy! Wonder how they picked the name Phoomph! :o)

    I announced the winnerS of my art giveaway! Please go to my post Zip-dee-doo-dah! to find out more, if you are still interested in the giveaway. *your name was mentioned!*

    Blessings & Aloha!

  8. It looks like an interesting product.

  9. So is it like the old product Craft n Fuse...but without the ironing? Can it be painted, dyed, etc...specifically on the edges of the cut out dies-I don't like the white edges showing where it was cut. Easy fix,though, if it can be colored, etc.

  10. mmmmh? makes me think too much "crafty" especially with the glue gun stuff! we'll see about it later down the road, after I think about it a bit.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope the hand is healing fine.

  11. Interesting. I could think of some great uses for the stuff... Hmmmmm....


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