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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nov. 7th- A Wonderful Day

November 7th  will always be a wonderful day, because 18 years ago today Nicholas Anthony was born.  He's my sisters youngest son.  I helped deliver him and cut the cord.  I will never forget the joy on his brother's face when he came into the hospital room to see his new little brother.  Aaron was the same way when Zachary was born.  I would like to know why now all they do is fight! 

I wish I could have posted yesterday but I was in so much pain and found it difficult to type.  The cast on my right hand was digging into my wrist.  By 8:00 last night, I could take no more, so I cut into the cast around my wrist to relieve the pressure.  I wrapped my wrist in pink fleece just  at the wrist.  Now my dilemma is, what to embroider on the fleece before a visit the Dr. again.  I was thinking it should say something like, "I don't know anything about this- talk to the monkey."  After all, I don't want to get in trouble and I felt like a little kid being naughty when I did it.  Would you think it should say? 

If I had posted yesterday, you would have  seen these pictures.
I absolutely love the little top hats on the flamingos. 
Yesterday the  Toledo Blade had an article about  "our" flamingos.  Click HERE to see the article. It is nice to see that other people appreciate the flamingo family too.

I hope all of you have been following the"Fall Theme Machine Embroidery Blog Hop" hosted by SewCalGal. . This particular blog hop features both machine embroidery  and applique made from fabric die cutting machines.  Tomorrow is my day to post, you know I'll be up late tonight writing!

I've been doing my best to use as voice activated typing devise and I'm telling you, it is so much easier to type with my hands. For a really humorous post, I should just let the voice dictation interpret what I'm saying and leave the typing, as  is,  for all of you to see what this computer thinks  I'm saying.



  1. Sorry you are having to endure such pain Kelly - keep the sense of humor if you can.

  2. I vote for the un edited version!! Hope the pink fleece does the could put "not so tight this time!!"

  3. I too am sorry you are in pain. I sure hope you are taking your pain meds as that is what they are for.

    I would be curious how accurate the voice activation SW is. I was hoping you could use it and not have to type at all. But, I've heard that you need to train your dragon (not sure if you are using dragonspeak) to get it to adjust to your voice.

    Hymm....for your selfmade about "this isn't a pin cushion - no more pins go here".


  4. I would make an arrow and simply say (s)he did it! Short and sweet!

  5. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I think you should take the newspaper article about the flamingos and blame it on them. Since they are pink maybe they are trying to recruit a new member. Patty

  6. Kelly, forget the Dragon software.... it can be a big pain to train!!! I used to use and demonstrate it... trust me... I still type and I got the program for free!!!

    Sorry you're in pain/discomfort... but it will soon pass. As for the cast embroidery.... no idea, but I'm tapped out... just too many boxes still to unpack!

  7. LOL! I hear ya. The voice thingy comes up with the craziest things! It's like a whole nother language.

    Nick is a cutie, and I know he brings you much joy. Big hugs from the PnW...

  8. I've been out of town--actually in Ohio and didn't know you hurt your hand. Take it easy. Love the Flamingos:-D

  9. Oh Kelly I am so sorry you are having such pain. Please take your pain meds that is what they are for and I promise you won't get addicted. I was hoping those voice activated programs would be better for my little grandson who is blind. Keep your sense of humor hon that is how we get through these things. Blessings Sandra

  10. You could always say that the rotary cutter slipped since you could only use one hand!!!!! I'm sorry about the pain and hope it feels better soon. When does the real cast go on?

  11. Cute picture.

    Too funny....the monkey!!!

  12. So sorry to hear you are in pain. The pink fleece should help, though! I would definitely go with the monkey and maybe a quote. "This hurts like hell" comes to mind, or: "No touching" what about "I know where you live" (just to encourage the doctor to do a good job, you understand). Take loads of pain meds (that is what you get them for) and REST! Hope you feel better soon!

  13. Sorry about your hand. It's great to have friends to help you out when you need it.

  14. I'm so sorry about your hand and sort of feel your pain - 1 broken arm, two broken legs (at the same time). I'd blame it on the flamingos - they attacked you, threw you down and cut into the cast! Be better soon.

  15. "Talk to the Hand" is a saying my kids always used when they didn't want to answer me and then it was "It wasn't me!".

    We had a friend at work that had lost the use of her hands and because we used computers for everything they had her try the voice activated program. It was hilarious. Especially because it hears everything in an area and we all shared a space so in the middle of her sentence would be words it heard someone else say. Didn't work for her either.

    Hope you hand is healing well and you can get the cast of soon.


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