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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just Another Button Company's New Pin Keeps - My Oh My

Yes, I am a self proclaimed pin keep nut....I absolutely love them and I have to say I went "ga-ga" at Quilt Market for Just Another Button Company's (JABC) new Pin Keeps.

I felt bonded to each and every one of them....really....tell me you could resist...just go ahead and try.
Then there was the Peppermint King Fairy Spoolkeep....I felt like they were chocolates...who could stop at just one?  Clearly not me....I had to have all of's true.

JABC has come out with kits that include everything you need to make all these wonderful Pin Keeps and Cushions....I feel like a MONGER....I want them ALL!!! ( Evil wicked laughter)

I better clean up my act before ole St. Nick comes along :)

I'd have a very hard time putting a pin in Santa....but I bet I could put some Just Pins to embellish him.

Looking at such  wonderments can cause strong feelings of want and desire...for the cutest things ever.

Cecile McPeak, owner of JABC, gave a Schoolhouse lecture at Quilt  Market.  I think she was very lucky to get through the entire presentation without me having a wonderment attack and grabbing every last thing she brought with her.

Hold on to your comes the rest of the amazing photos I took in Houston.....forewarned is forearmed :)

You can find some of the Halloween Spoolkeeps HERE...I think they should be called Spook-Keeps....not that anyone asked.

More Spookiers!
Prepare yourself for the Precious-est Keeps EVER!

Yes....I have Mr. Frog too....I told you I lost control....but not total control :)

Pin Pin Panda ....oh my word....I'm getting weaker and weaker....
feeling faint actually.  (kidding of course)

I was fortunate enough to receive a pattern for Eugenia Tuffet and a JABC US button for her US travels.  You can take your Eugenia Tuffet with you on your travels and upload the photos to Eugenia's Facebook's true and I'm not kidding. 
How fun is that?

Yes....I'm going to share it with one lucky IHAN® Blog if you would like to win the Eugenia Tuffet Pincushion pattern just leave a comment on this blog post and tell us what type of adventures you would have with Ms. Eugenia Tuffet.  The winner will be drawn by random and announced on Friday.



  1. I know of your pincushion love... Those itty bitty felted ones are too darn cute!

  2. These are the cutest ever! I would have had to bring Mr. Frog home too. If Eugenia Tuffet comes to live with me she'll have lots of skiing adventures in the snow and lots of boating adventures. A sheep would love it :)

  3. I think those are so cute. Eugenia would quite possibly have to help me make a Bo Peep pinnie to be her friend.

  4. I would like to invite Ms. Eugenia Tuffet on a pontoon ride on the lake (once the ice melts off the lake in the spring)!

  5. I too love pincushions and she could join the bunny and teacup and donut and all the others on my pincushion shelf!

  6. I would take Ms. Eugenia Tuffet for a drive in the mountains to see the bighorn sheep.

  7. LOVE them all, OMG!!! Those are the cutest little things I have seen in a long time!! How did you walk away without taking every single one??

  8. Wow, those are adorable! E. Tuffet would go into my mini-sewing basket - that's the one that travels from room to room, class to class and to appointments with me ... such adventures!

  9. Oh my word... how can you say what your favorite is wham they are all so darn cute! I love them all! My little heart sang when I saw that precious turtle then you hit me withthe elephant and did I say anything about the panda yet! Thanks now I will have yet another addiction! LOL

  10. I am going on a quilting cruise in February to the Carribean. It will be my birthday while we are gone, She could be quilting and celebrating. Now how great would that be?

  11. I think she would love to fly to Florida with me in February. My SIL and I both said after we lost a ton of weight that we were going to do a zipline tour and I think E Tuffet would love to do the zipline with me.

  12. I think she would love to relax and live on the farm with me! Not many adventures but it's a good life!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  13. How fun are those....too cute!

  14. oh, my goodness! those are just so cute. Love the acorns and the little yellow bird.
    I would definitely take Eugenia with me to get a Christmas tree. Hoping to go to the mountains again this year to get one.
    I think she would have to check out my garden so she could see what is growing during the fall. Hopefully she would eat any of it. he! he!

  15. Oh the travels she could have...Going to Oklahoma to see my family, going to the 5th grade center to pick up granddaughter, staying home and resting with the grandcat.

  16. I LOVE the pincushions. We are planning a Carribean cruise the end of Jan and I KNOW Ms. Eugenia would love to go with me. Here's hoping

  17. Ah so cute I would take him along to quilt camp in Michigan for sure

  18. Adorable! Not sure how I missed 'em, but I'm sorry I did! :(

    Adventures? Did you ask about adventures? Anyone that knows us knows we *always* have adventures. Yesterday's adventure left us in MS an extra day, and we got to see all of downtown Meridian (lemme just say - don't bother going!!) and some of the outer reaches too. Amazingly enough, we found Sam's Club, Best Buy AND Joann Fabrics! Call us happy campers!

    Not sure what tomorrow's adventures will bring - but we know it's gonna cost! More than a few glasses of wine, too!!

  19. Very very cute! I'd have to take Ms. Eugenia to the Alaska Musk Ox farm to visit her northern cousins.

  20. I would take her to visit a friend who is crazy in love with sheep!

  21. Ohhh she is adorable. With me Ms. Eugenia would have a lot of fun and adventures. Regular trips to the quilt store. Some trips to far away lands like Europe and Japan are not out of the question and we would have to buy some fabrics of course. Maybe make some of her friends from JABC, just love them all.

  22. Ms Eugenia would love to come and live in Green Green Ireland with lots of fields to play in.

  23. Since we seem to be a nation of SHEEPEOPLE, I really think Eugenia needs to visit her wild relatives in Glacier National Park...the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep that hang out at Logan Pass.

  24. Oh my, she is really cute - I'd like to take her to New Zealand for a visit.

  25. I hope I win Eugenia. The fun we could have here in the desert. I want to take her for a ride on my bicycle. Eugenia would love the sights.

    Please enter my name...Thank you!

    she is so adorable!

  26. Oh, I love all these Pin Keeps - I was just saying to my friend the other day I'd like to make some. I would love to win Miss Eugenia - her first trip would be here to me in Canada, then she would have to accompany me on one of my many trips (my most recent was to Italy this past spring). Thanks for the opportunity, Terri in BC


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