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Monday, September 23, 2013

Unique Sewing Tools from Ernie Bode & A Call for Blocks

 Last week I was on Patsy Thompson's website looking for some Kaffe Fassett polka dot fabric and I just tripped across some amazing new sewing tools made by Ernie Bode (aka Patsy's husband).  They looked so amazing I ordered one of each for myself so I could check them out as possible Christmas gifts. 

I bought a  peacock seam ripper on a silver necklace, a purple stiletto and a  peacock writing pen with a stylus tip.  When they arrived I was so excited.  They are all very nice quality; definitely items I would be proud to give as a gift. 
This is my seam rip.  It is on a lovely silver chain and the tip comes out and it can be turned around so the point is inside the handle when not in use. No worries about getting stabbed when I'm sewing....very nice indeed...giggles.

I also purchased a stiletto and I'll show you here how the tool comes out and can be turned around to keep the point safe.
 There is a nice snug fit so there is no risk of slipping out and becoming an annoyance. 
Here they are with the tips turned inside.  Talk about impressive ay?  Wait until you see my fancy smancy pen with a stylus tip.
Look how beautiful my pen is wonderful to hold too.  The pen twists open and the stylus on the tip is great for touch screens on your phone, computer, sewing and embroidery machine screens and ipads too.  Earnie also has pens on the silver chains for those who loose their pens (and I would not want to loose mine that is for sure).  

You can see all of the beautiful things Ernie makes on the Patsy Thompson Designs website.  Be sure not to miss the Ruler Holders as they are absolutely beautiful as well.

A Public Service Announcement :)

"Please Do NOT Forget The Surviving Hot Shot"

Copied from Quilting Ranny's Blog at her request: 

As we all know there were 19 lost and 1 survivor and while most of the attention right now is focusing on the families of the lost, I want to remind all my quilting friends that I am working on putting a quilt together for Brendan the long survivor.

I asked a few weeks ago for 6.5" squares to be mailed to me and when I had gathered enough I would put them together to finish a quilt, have my local fire department members sign it and then send it out.

Sadly, at this writing, I have only received 3 squares.

I had asked you completed the square and then write on the front your name, a good thought and where you are from.  I want this to be a quilt filled with love and prayers and good wishes.

I know not everyone could take the time to make a quilt, but I know most of you can make a 6.5" square and place it in an envelope and mail to me.

So, lets show Brendan some quilting love!  Send me an Email and I will send you my address!

Thank you! 

I plan on making some blocks to ship along...won't you join me? 



  1. You and your peacock stuff! LOL!
    Love the blocks that are your backdrop.
    New project?

  2. Those tools are gorgeous. I am wondering what he makes them from.


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