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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dreary Saturday Outside Today

We've had snow and now rain...and boy is it slushy outside today.  No worries for me however...I'm inside :)

Doing what you ask?

Well...after I've sorted tons of paper on my kitchen table, I've arranged play dates for both co-workers and now I'm headed to the sewing sanctuary to make some quilt labels on my embroidery machine. 

Guess who flew back home this Power Suit Piece (above) arrived back home safe and sound.  That is one well traveled bird I have to say.  So glad I participated because it challenged me to do things I would not have otherwise done.  I'd love to hear about some of your challenges that you've participated in....share away :)



  1. I've been RE-trying cross stitch...these days. But, I'm back to sewing quilts, too. Sent you a "friend request" on FB. But, who knows...I'm pretty crazy and you juzz might turnz me down. =P

    love and hugZ,

  2. It was 50 degrees today here at the jersey shore. No rain and most of our snow has melted. I can always keep myself "busy" indoors!! Have a happy Sunday!!

  3. We've had 3 or 4 days of rain and cold. Today the sun came out and it warmed up nicely. I love the Florida weather, but the cold is wet and brisk. I'll take 80 degrees any day :-)

  4. Sure wish you could send some of your rain to California as we need it. And, after hearing parts of Australia is at 42 C I think they could certainly benefit from some of your colder weather. We all need to talk with the Weather Gods to let them know they need to do a better job balancing things.

    Hang in their. Spring will arrive soon.


  5. Finally we had temps above freezing... with sunshine!!!! I am sick of winter, but I think it would be worse if we were up that way!!!! Me I have a "new" Challenge Group (online). Current Challenge is NEW NeW new, something new to you... technique, tool, process, something New. I have finished one New, and am working on the second NEW... and I am so glad... I joined. (one has a little something to do with you!!!). Reveal Feb 28!!

  6. Just a question about appli-k-kutz machine where are they sold. I see that P atsy has dies but how do you get the machine is it the same as the accu go machine. Thanks bunny


  7. HA- I'm spending money - what else??? seems that new Baby just won't fit into my existing HORN cabinet...and there's no way to safely made the necessary seems the dealer's having a SUPER sale, and what do ya know, there's 30% off sale, we go again. I'm on the phone right now, charge card in hand. GEEZE, this is one expensive hobby, isn't it??

    1. Edited to add.....
      but I'd forgotten HOW BEAUTY-FULL your peacock is!! He's just gorgeous!!

  8. I am in love with your peacock! He is just stunningly beautiful!

  9. Yay! It made it home in one piece!!!!!!

  10. I just love your old travel bird....glad it is back.


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