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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Gentle Retreat

I'm not talking about a sewing retreat this morning, I'm referring to a gentle retreat into my surrounds...taking time to NOTICE that which makes my world so special and beautiful.
The boys have only had three days of school since the beginning of the year because of weather conditions.  There have been no complaints at our house....we have all retreated into the warmth of our togetherness and making the most of this beautiful weather.

Monday morning school was canceled because of the snow and we relished the opportunity to go to a local snow hill to sled and enjoy the fire pit at the park.
This morning the boys answered the phone and were squealing with delight when they heard a voice tell them there was a 2 hour delay due to weather conditions.  They did not identify the voice on the other end of the phone as their fathers....ROFL.  Adults prank calling kids....a turn of the tables and it got lots of laughter out of me this morning.  How could they be so gullible?  Giggles

The house got quiet as those gullible little people headed out for school....I sat and looked out the window at the amazing snow.  I thought to can I capture this magnificent beauty?  Pictures don't always capture what I see with my eye (guess I could learn more about the cameras I own ay?)  Well....I gave it my best and this is what I captured to share with you today:

The close ups of the snow is what I was trying to get....the tiny snow flakes layered on a berry or beautiful and it is just outside my window....I'm so very grateful.

Something else I'm grateful for is YouTube because I have learned to crochet by watching tutorials posted there.  At long last I have made something larger than a dishcloth....wild laughter.

This started as a prayer shawl that was to be given back to the church who gave me one when my mother was ill.  I found the gift of a prayer shawl so very loving and comforting.  As you can see, it started so nicely....look from the bottom of the picture up about 1/2 way...nice and even...a little decorative stitch at the bottom...nice ay?  Please don't ask me what happened after that....I can not explain.  However...I can laugh and could not stop laughing when I laid it out to take a picture.  A perfectly imperfect shawl to keep someone warm....gotta love it.

Check out the uniqueness of each of the ends:
 I learned a very long time ago to count it all good....and this shawl is indeed GOOD :)  So good as a matter of fact that I have mailed it to my cousin because I know for sure she will treasure it and recognize the love that has been stitched into the shawl.  When she opens the box I guarantee she will let out a howl (laughter) and then wrap herself in it and stay warm in Washington State this winter.

Lets hope I've learned from my "practice" calling it I have started an afghan.  Scary thought isn't it?

 No I have not stopped quilting or a matter of fact....I have gotten several projects finished recently....I'll post about those soon. 



  1. When I was a stay at home mom I had all the neighbor kids on snow days (ten total!). We spent the day sled riding in garbage bags (we never had enough sleds) and eating PB&J sandwiches with hot chocolate as the snow wet clothes dried. Repeat until moms and dads came home....great memories to this day! Enjoy!

  2. I know you enjoyed that morning respite. I'm reveling in sunshine before tomorrow's rain. Piddly house chores for me while I can still be on my feet. Congrats on graduating from dishcloths. I never got past potholder.

  3. Pretty pics, but they do send a shiver down my (creatively stitched together) spine! Crochet looks every bit as good as mine, and I've been practicing for, oh, I dunno, about 10 years now! :)

  4. love your snow photos especially the ones with the red berries.
    looks like maybe your count was off or you could have blocked the shawl and it might have come out even. I am pretty new to crochet too. Lovely yarn and I am sure your cousin will love it.

  5. Love your snowy pictures. Everyone always complains about the snow and winter, etc, but I think it is beautiful and peaceful (and it helps that I work from home and can stay inside!). I got a chuckle out of your prayer shawl because I can only imagine you laying it out and thinking...OOPS! I bet your sis will love it!

  6. The photos are just incredible. It looks like a winter wonderland.

  7. I would not move all day. So beautiful. Thank you for those amazing pictures. I am loving the scarf. And happy that you have someone to send that scarf to, knowing they will know your intention. You brought a smile to my day.

  8. You did very well sharing your 'eye' photos. I wish we would have freezing fog/frost... they decorate so well. Particularly love the bird house with the frost on the web... hanging out in space!!! The issue with the crochet.... is tension!!!!

  9. Beautiful pictures Kelly, you sound so peaceful.

  10. Your pictures truly did show the tranquility that you are feeling. Your husband is a hoot!!

  11. You post and lovely photos are making me calm.....thanks!

  12. Ah, the beauty of the present moment! Hope I can carry it with me for a while.

  13. They are not mistakes, they are unintentional design and are filled with beauty.
    I have begun weaving Saori style and the Saori Philosophy has these four slogans:
    SAORI 4 Slogans Print

    1) Consider the differences between a machine and a human being.
    2) Be bold and adventurous
    3) Let’s look out through eyes that shine.
    4) Inspire on another, and everyone in the group.

  14. Awesome photos. I love the one of the single, well triple snowflake hanging from the bird house. Could you print it and send it to me? I'd love to frame it. Looks like you all had a fantastic snow filled day in the park. Brings back wonderful memories of childhood days. Love you guys and miss you. Auntie

  15. Oh Kelly I love the winter photos. I took some also and just posted them. I love the prayer shawl, I love playing in different mediums and trying new art skills. I am so happy to be blogging again, sharing moments and reading about my friends. So glad to be back in the game, stop on over:)

  16. Beautiful pictures., it looks like that up here in Stratford too. I cannot crochet, I have taken lessons, a friend tried to show me but I can knit and just started to do it again. My first scarf kinda looked like your prayer shawl but lots of love in both of them so that's all that blessings Sandra

  17. What lovely pics, Kelly! A snowy day is a good time for reflection. Too funny about the prank calls, lol....
    Your shawl looks like my first crochet project, a HUGE afghan. It was super soft yarn and my cat claimed it for his own. If I tried to cover up with it, I had to get used to the fact that the cat came with it. :) I think your shawl is lovely. Keep going girl, it does get better with practice, I got to the point where I was doing cables and popcorns and everything else with crochet [but no doilies, that's TOO small, lol]. Big warm hugs to you on these cold winter days!


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