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Friday, January 30, 2015

Breaking My Silence

I don't believe I need to post until I have something noteworthy to say....and I've been enjoying my retreat and honoring my silence.  Now....I have something to say.....sinister grins :)

A dear friend, Jean from Jean Creates, recently had foot surgery and it wasn't that long ago that I underwent two surgeries on my ankle so I can definitely understand what a woman would appreciate at a time like this.
If you are 50 or over, you probably already have guessed what I made and sent to her....a "Let It Go" just in case tinkle pad for her chair/sofa.  Yep....I figured she just might feel the urge and need to go quickly to the ladies room to powder her nose....if she didn't make it fast enough....the powder could be absorbed and not ruin her lovely furniture.    I used two pieces of fleece that I had embroidered, a piece of water/powder proof soft lining and serged around the edges.  The goal was to make her laugh and I think I succeeded.

A few weeks back when I was looking out the window at the beautiful snow  I happened to also look down inside the window sill...YIKES. 
Dust, dirt and yes even webs of sorts....not very pretty that's for sure.
 I keep this Micro Vacuum Attachment Kit (available at I Have A Notion, Inc.) near my sewing machine but it works great for all those other hard to reach places including appliances, computers, heat vents etc.  
I attached it to my vacuum hose and quickly got rid of those webs and other unmentionables hanging around in there.  My life isn't always exciting you know.....and I'm guessing yours isn't either!  LOL

On a recent trip to IKEA I found this 6 drawer metal stand....perfect for my embroidery threads!
My only regret is not buying 2. 
I use this one for my embroidery threads, I could use one for my sewing threads as well. It could be said I have tried every thread storage solution out there....and I have liked them.....but what I like best about this solution is it also fits under my sewing tables so I could keep it tucked away if I wanted to.  No labels yet....that isn't so important to me now...but keeping the dust off is :)

My days are not only filled with concerns about powder and dust....I also have some prime entertainment around here!  A bit of a backdrop....there was a fair at Aaron's school recently and the prizes included small plastic toys, rings and kazoos.  Aaron was very taken with the brightly colored plastic rings and he loves wearing them.....what a free spirit he is and I can definitely relate.

Oh and did I mention for a ticket he could get a face painting...ROFL....I do love him so and pray he keeps his joyful spirit for all the days of his life.

The next day he came downstairs and started singing and dancing around wearing all of his rings aka bling.  I could not resist.....please don't ever tell him I shared this video.....I just think it is way too good not to share the laughter and joy with others.

Big Joyful Smiles, Kelly


  1. Love that little video! I love watching kids sing, dance, and enjoy life...such great entertainment!

  2. Wow. That six drawer metal stand looks perfect!

  3. Thank for the huge smiles this post gave me. I have one of those mini vacuum sets, but never thought about other places to use them. I need to give my head a (gentle) slap. When I first started chemo, I could have used a chair pad like that! Very handy & what a day brightener! As far as the silence, we all need those days & are happy that others understand.

  4. Love that video of your son. He is very creative.
    That cabinet for your thread is perfect.

  5. What a cute video. Looks like a famous entertainer in the making!

    ~ Smiles are always good ~


  6. What a great thing to keep and show at his cute.

  7. What a great way to end a Friday, thanks for sharing the joy and exuberance of youth.

  8. My youngest son is just like that. Don't worry, he hasn't grown out of the 'fun' stage yet, even tho he is getting married later this year.

  9. I hope your friend didn't laugh so hard that she "let it go" before the pad was in place!
    Aaron is so cute with all his "bling bling bling."

  10. Kids are so entertaining when allowed to be 'in their own heads'!!!! Thanks!!!

  11. Love the video, definitely a keeper for later. :) I have the same cabinet in yellow under my table and I use it for my threads too!


  12. You made me laugh and then you made me laugh again. I hope Aaron holds onto it also, just keep laughing with him and encouraging. He's a treasure.

  13. Great gift for your friend!! And the video is so perfect!! Save it for when he gets married. What a great insight for his future love ;-D

  14. I can't believe you blogged about my tinkle pad! Bwahahaha! So far, so good. :)

  15. Lots of fun, thanks for sharing friend. I hope you are safe and warm in all this snow.

  16. I'm laughing so hard I don't know where to begin - your friend will need to use that chair pad as soon as she sees it, lol!! My aunt could have used one when she broke her hip last year. FABULOUS gift!!! I have that vacuum mini-attachment kit, love it. And I really, really like your thread storage - might have to go to IKEA! You could put a few in a row and make an ironing board on top. And now Aaron - WHAT A HOOT - and what a cutie!!!!!!!!! I do so love a good clean bling song!!!

  17. Love it and I hope he keeps his joy and fun forever. Love your chair pad it gave me a good laugh because I could use one of those some days.
    Blessings Sandra

  18. I am sure your employees keep you fun, what a great way to start the day. Love your little tinkle are so funny!


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