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Friday, February 19, 2016

Have you ever noticed.....

Have you ever noticed that life is a little less colorful without props?  I was looking through pictures I've taken over the past several months and I noticed many of the photos I love have something to do with the fun props included in the photos.
While driving the boys to school one day I passed this little red sports car on the curb next to trash cans.  Apparently someone had used up all the joy in this little red sports car and now it had become trash.  My mind instantly went to The Flamingo Family.  There could be so much more joy in the cars future if it could play with the Flamingo Family.   Sooooo....I quickly dumped the kids at school and flipped down the seats in my car and hoisted this hot little car into my not so hot little car.  I have to admit I felt a bit embarrassed.....not while curb happened when I knocked on the Flamingo Families door and offered them this hot little number. What would I have done if they said, "no thank you"....THANKFULLY the man accepted this little red trash to treasure gem.  I look forward to the day I pass their house and see this hot little number sporting a few flamingos.

Here are a few more photos that crack me up....

 Mr. McSteamy received this chef coat and hat from his lovely Megan for Christmas.  I just need to embroider Chef Ree-Chard on the jacket (his real life name is Richard).

Zach's goggles....look closely....they were steamed up all but the centers....too funny.
Aaron found this scarf under a table while dining out.  He came up from under the table with the biggest smile...wrapped it around his neck...and made a evil squeal and said, "The Spoils of War."  I almost wet my pants laughing.

Last week I made the huge mistake of asking Mr. McSteamy to pick up some groceries from the market.  He came home with all sorts of wild azz food...little pies, Klondike bars, whip cream (not real whip cream but the plastic whiz in a can) and of course there was a sprinkling of real food in the bags somewhere.  After dinner dishes were done I had come into the living room and I heard someone in the kitchen....didn't we just have dinner....who is back in there eating (truthfully....I was thinking....who is in there making another mess)  Just as I entered the kitchen....what did I see?  Zach with is prop....a Klondike bar with  whip cream eyes and a smile....he was in greedy heaven...and I was instantly filled with joy.

Props....the things that make us smile and remember.  

While typing this it occurred to me to check the origin of the word is a definition:
something that is said to publicly thank and give special attention to someone for doing something : credit or recognition

Learn something new every day....clueless here...I thought it meant the stuff in the background.  Nope!  Apparently Props is just a shortened abbreviation for Theatrical Properties....the portable objects on a stage or set.  

If you are getting board reading this post....then ya better be getting back to that to do list.  For the rest of you...thanks for taking time out of your day to spend a few minutes with me while I entertain myself and share the things that I notice and observe about what makes life more joyful.

Treasures...yes...those are not two medicine bottles with fancy fabric stuck to the tops....those are absolute treasures.  They used to sit next to Mary Jane's sewing machine on a rotating tray.  That is her handwriting on the is for safety pins and the other is for discarded needles and pins.  It is the small things in life that tickle my I am so grateful for all these little things....the Props that make me smile when I stop to notice them.

Where are your Props today?   I'd love to hear a story or two (or as many as you care to share :)

Heart Smiles,



  1. I am so happy to see your blog notes once again. My props? I have to admit that some of mine are from my dearest friend who left us 11 years ago. I keep a treasured picture of her and me the Easter before she passed away. And in my sewing room I have a little TY Angel bear she gave me, and several of her tea cups that her family did not want. I look at these things and remember the sweet friendship we shared. She was my dearest heart friend. I think you only have one of those in your lifetime.

    1. I could write the same post about my dear friend who passed around the same time as your friend. I too have an angel bear she gave me, a photo of the two of us and I treasure a set of trays and glasses she gave me, that I use daily.

  2. You are one crazy gal....enjoyed your post...truly

  3. Oh my goodness Kelly you crack me up - and Aaron's comment on the spoils of war almost made ME pee my pants! I can't wait to see the flamingos riding in that car....probably not til summer, it doesn't seem to have snow tires.
    My favorite prop right now is a little shopping cart that sits in my sewing room, holding a fat quarter bundle and jelly roll. I look at it and pretend it's full-size, and holding BOLTS.

  4. I would have had that whipped cream can pointed at my mouth and going full speed! I'm crazy like that!

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful post! You so completely pushed the "I know that feeling" button so many times in just a few minutes. People around me are wondering what I'm nodding and giggling along to! :)

  6. It is the little things that keep us going and make us smile, so often we're moving too fast or just not seeing. I'm so glad the Flamingos have a fancy new car to drive around in :)

  7. Working with community theatre, I usually think of "props" as theatrical properties. This play I am working costumes, but I have worked props before.

    Now let me give you some props for a wonderfully fun blog post. (and for rescuing the new ride for the flamingoes!)

  8. So glad to have you back blogging. I'm going to look more closely at my photos now.


  9. Kelly, my it has been a LONG time since we have seen posts from you. It is great that you are back sharing your view on life's pleasures in your house and out and around your "burg". Love love the photos of my handsome nephew.
    ( AK little brother).


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