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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rehearsing More Border Colors

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my previous blog post.  I got some great feedback.  The feedback inspired me to try some more border colors.  Here are some that I tried with various blocks:

I realize these are not the best photos....but with what you see....what do you like?  Thinking about just leaving these up for another day or two so that when I do decide I'm not having to deconstruct any more blocks.

School was canceled today due to icy roads....
....the never ending  Monopoly game seems to be a good way to spend our day.

Boardwalk Smiles,


  1. Green AND PURPLE IS nice but the light blue dark blue is awesome!

  2. Light blue and dark blue is perfect ... to me who loves blue.

  3. I really like the Green and Purple...but I also like the Light Blue with either purple or navy.
    Have you considered mixing it up????

  4. You're thinking too much. How about different color borders with each block?

  5. It really doesn't's all good. Don't overthink it, just sew!

  6. Love the light blue with purple and the purple with green -- but Shella is right, there is no wrong answer! :)

  7. Mix 'em up! The variety would probably add to the whole.

  8. When I choose colors I try to pick a color that I want to emphasise in the block as the inside color, then the next color that is most in the block is the outside border. It will also depend on the amount of each border. Often the inside border is smaller than the outside. Just my preference. It all comes do we n to what you prefer or "what floats your boat!" Whatever you choose, it will be great!

  9. I like the light and dark blue! Gosh I haven't played Monopoly in years....


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