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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Returning Home from Spring Break

What a wonderful time we had.  We visited Lyon France, Paris France, Rome Italy and by chance a day in Amsterdam.  I really don't want to bore anyone to death with vacation photos...after all we each had a camera and I took 659 myself...yikes.  I will share a few highlights and later will create a photo album on line for anyone interested in more details.

The Louvre in Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris
Tribute to Lady Diana at the tunnel where she was killed.  I've seen this a few times now and every time I cry.  What a lovely woman and so very sad to have died because someone wanted her photo.

We were very interested in the one person electric cars in Europe.  They were so cool...I want one with a hitch so I can pull my kids along behind me...LOL.
One very big problem would be getting all that fabric home in this little jobbie.

Musee de l'Armee seeing the tomb of Napoleon

 Naturally the boys loved all the weapons and armor.

No quilt shop visits :( but I did see some beautiful textiles and clothing.  I will share about those in a separate post.

Every quilter I know touches the fabric in the shop....right?  Tell me if I'm wrong...but I've never been to a shop yet that said, please don't touch the fabric....until Rome!

I was so excited when I came upon the Valli fabric shop in Rome.  The fabrics were absolutely I was looking at the fabrics and began touching some of them a salesman approached and told me, "do not touch the fabrics.  If you would like to see them, ask me." Perhaps this is usual and customary for Rome, I would not know as this was my first visit.  The one fabric I wanted to purchase was 136 Euro (apx 155.00 US dollars) for 1 meter.  I wanted to  make a lovely scarf for myself and one for my sister as a special treat....yes...a very special treat.  The store had no customers and three sales associates standing around.   My thoughts on the matter the customs of the country.....if I can't touch your fabric then you can't touch my money!  Instead I bought a few lovely scarves at other shops....and yes....I touched the scarves before purchasing them :)

Up to my ears in laundry and feeling guilty for using my clothes dryer.  The family we visited in France do not use a clothes dryer....I feel so spoiled and lazy.



  1. Not touch fabric? Might as well have told me to quit breathing! haha I don't know about you, but I "see" with my fingertips. Oh well, I agree, no touchee, no money. But, then again, on the other hand....can you imagine if everyone that wanted to touch did? I would guess the fabric would become worn and dingy and then no one would even consider paying that much...or even a fraction of that.

    Yes, please, on the pics! When our Alaska friends were here, she took almost 700 per DAY, and they were here for a few weeks, so don't feel bad about your measly 600+! LOL

    So glad you're back home & snug & safe!! Stay well my friend, come south soon!

  2. Welcome HOME! Much of the rest of the world does not use a dryer like we do!!! And if they have them they don't work as well (from my experience). So many neighborhoods these days have outlawed a clothes line altogether! What a shame! NOt that I would use one in the winter, but there are just somethings that are much better dried on the line!

  3. I can't imagine a fabric shop that says "no touching." Ah well, at least you had a great time.

  4. Glad you had such a good time, everyone looks so happy. I've never seen that Diana memorial before, what are the locks for? Snobby fabric shop, don't touch? Ridiculous, I'm so glad you didn't buy anything.

  5. Oh, what a fun trip! Hubby and I went to Paris several years ago, and I loved every second of it! The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Napolean's Tomb were all places that we visited - and absolutely loved them all! Glad you had a great trip!

  6. So glad you all had a good time!

  7. So fun!!! Looks like you guys had a lovely trip - but don't touch the fabric? As if! Enjoy your dryer hon - it's far too cold to be hanging clothes outside.


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