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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jet Lagged

I had every intent to continue posting to my blog and then I got hit by jet lag, chores, orders and every other here I am...and I gotta make this one short because I have another full day ahead of me.

While in France we did some Geocaching.  If you don't know what Geocaching may want to find out because it is a ton of fun...for grown ups and children alike.

This one was particularly good.  I won't give any of the clues away or even identify the location of the cache. 

Someone did an excellent job hiding the cache in this tree.  The boys loved finding it.  There was another that was magnetic and placed on the back of a large parking meter system.  The metal piece looked like it belonged there....but nope...there was a cache hidden behind it.

Something very funny (to me anyway) happened while searching in a park for one cache.  The four of us looked high and low....used the instructions and still could not find the cache.  Rick went down a set stairs into parking area.  He saw an opening and felt some paper.  He thought for sure he had found the cache so he called the boys and I over.  His intent was to allow the boys to be the one's who actually do the discovering. The opening was too high for their reach so I reached into this hole and pulled out some paper.

Lo and was not a Geocache at all....YIKES!

We found someone's drug stash.  Worse yet....I never thought to wipe my finger prints off the paper.  So if anyone in France is looking for me....ya gotta know we were just Geocaching and nothing else....HONESTLY!  I am so grateful it was me who reached up and pulled it out and not my kids.  I sent them away after I noticed there was no paper to sign like in a Geocache.

Speaking of addicts.....I'm still working on my nickle size hexies.  This is the progress I've made:

It it growing and I'm really enjoying this project. 

Oh...and did I mention a snow storm?  We were hit with 7 inches of snow and it took out a part of one of our trees.  Here is how it started:
Beautiful white flakes in the early evening....and by morning...
A winter wonderland in April.
So very grateful Rick owns a chain saw!
The poor little frozen children in front of the city library!!!  LOL to get a ton of stuff done.


PS....just visited Susan's blog, Hanging on by Needle and Thread. She is having a giveaway and I don't think you will want to miss it.  Click Here to enter to win a class teaching scrap quilts or pineapple quilts.


  1. Yikes is right, that would have scared me, I would have been more frightened of the owner seeing me then the police, but maybe I've seen too many movies, LOL.

  2. That would only happen to you all. Lol! Sorry about the tree. Sunshine is coming!

  3. What a fun trip...and exciting....nothing like having to look over your shoulder. Loved the pictures

  4. please tell me you didn't put the drug stash back???? Good thing it was too high for the boys to reach. I think I recall hearing a tiny squeak from up north about no snow.... at some point during the winter months.... we just got cold, and frost. No snow.

  5. This has also happened to me. We were geocaching in a small wooded area near a parking lot and a river. I was pretty sure I had found the cache and then realized it has drugs in a plastic bag. I dropped it and skedaddled out of there! Very disconcerting, to say the least.

  6. Oh my goodness only you could geocache and find a drug stash in FRANCE...that made me laugh out loud!!! Love the pic of the boys in front of that tree, what a clever hiding place. Your hexies are amazing. That snowstorm missed us, and looking at your pics, I'm really glad it did!! Hope you're warm by now!


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