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Friday, April 22, 2016

Early Onset Dementia?

I'm not quite sure what is wrong with is a very rare rare in fact that I can not even remember the last time all of these events occurred together...I actually cleaned out my refrigerator, freezer AND pantry yesterday. 

This may not sound odd to any of you....but I was so concerned last night I had to text my sister and ask if she thought it might be early onset dementia and was wondering if I was loosing myself.  Thankfully she assured me that every other part of my personality and mind seemed to be intact.....this was just a rare and strange event and if I were really lucky it might strike again.

What next?  This is very scary for it possible to domesticate a woman at 52?

I'm going to start counting backwards by 7's from 100...just to be sure I'm OK.



  1. loo.....I'd be worried if it was myself!!

  2. I could use a little of that, maybe for a few days to get this place clean. Count backwards by 7's? I think you'll just prove you do have it, LOL.

  3. Oh yeah, that would be a definite warning sign in my house, too! Hope you get over whatever strange thing is ailing you! :)

  4. Sometimes the energy to do things coincides with the things that need doing!!! It happens, and its rare.... Thank God!!!

  5. For years now, I have had sudden strange "cleaning/organizing" compulsions. Just go with it - they usually pass pretty quickly.

  6. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! This is so funny - especially since, for the first time in years, I'm finding myself trying new recipes. I DO NOT COOK. I'd rather clean toilets than cook. So if you have early-onset dementia, so do I!

  7. that sure is a strange thing! I sometimes too get these cleaning spurts (very rarely) and I used to think- oh must be pregnant or nesting?? lol....

  8. 100...93...86...79...oh look at that farbic pile over there ...maybe I should move it, when did I get the late fabric...oh a cup of coffee sounds wonderful...wait was I doing something with the #7???


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