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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Interesting word....Webster says it is to : Wait, Stay, and to be pregnant.

I spoke with an AccuQuilt employee today and inquired ....should I be making ruffled bloomers or boxers?
I thought that just might tweak a tiny response....nope.....nadda.....nunca.....jamas.....darn it anyhow!!! There is not tricking the information out of them.  I guess it is time to send in Maxwell Smart to spy on them.....or strategically place IHAN in the bushes near the AccuQuilt Headquarters.......I think it may be time to call upon my Jason Bourne skills and get the job done.

And IHAN would....but we are doing a bit of our own Expecting.  Yes, it is true....I've had a midwife here at IHAN Headquarters this evening.  What exactly is in the incubator I can not disclose.  Please don't be alarmed or get too overly-optimistic......but hopeful when the birth takes place....I'll be willing to take photographs and share......if may have to get some of your own Jason Bourne skills and camp out in the IHAN bushes....LOL.

Ah-Hee....Hoooo- deep breath Smiles,


  1. I am wondering what it is, so waiting expectantly, myself;)


  2. accu quilts been killing me here and now you too!! interestingly the last week and a half I had 1) the lady at the bank ask when my baby's due 2) my manager tell me she had a dream I had another baby and 3) a co-worker ask if I was pregnant. Honey, keep your hands OFF ME! no babies for at least another year or two!

  3. funny but you are getting my curiosity up.

  4. Kelly, you have me giggling!
    Well whatever it is, I hope it is a safe and healthy birth!

  5. Very cute!


  6. I think I will just wait the week - no matter how much I want to know now!
    I suppose knowing that when they make the announcement I will be officially "older" means I have more patience. HA ha.

  7. My goodness there is a lot of expecting going on!

  8. hahahha... I think I know what it will be. Just sayin'


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