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Monday, September 20, 2010

The GOOD, The BAD, The UGLY, The BEAUTIUL and The FUNNY from Spring Quilt Market, Minneapolis 2010

I'll start with the GOOD

Somehow when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing in life everything just happens around you that supports life, healing and kindness.

Cheryl and Gary Phillips had just gotten off a plane after making a last minute decision to "just come to Quilt Market."  Cheryl is a designer and has had a booth at shows in the past. 
Gary Phillips, Wonderful Husband and Partner to Cheryl (definitely what I consider to be a GOOD Man!!)

More GOOD folks.  Can you imagine this type of treatment?  This is what we experienced everywhere we went in Minneapolis.  Why?  Well, as usual....there is a story.....
The UGLY-  See this bench/table?  The only reason you are now seeing this is because I took a photo of it.  This was in the hallway at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Look how close that table is to the corner.  If you were walking around the corner the edge of this table is out of your peripheral vision.   Just after the first Schoolhouse class Rosemary took a nasty fall as she rounded the corner.  I had heard there were at least two others that had fallen over similar tables as well.  (I took this photo and yes....I moved it way back out of the way so no one else would fall over this one.....perhaps misplaced tables but not this one). 

The BEAUTIFUL Mrs Rosemary returning from the ER and her new mode of transportation.  I was told there were no wheelchairs available as they were all spoken for.....Hmmmmm....did they just tell IHAN that one of her employees had fallen over their furniture and they had nothing to ensure their guests comfort?  Big/Huge/Enormous mistake.  They very soon saw the error of their ways and somehow found an available chair for the BEAUTIFUL Mrs. Rosemary for the rest of the weekend.  It might be because I had complimented the gentleman manager on his physique and eluded to the fact that he may find himself carrying Mrs. Rosemary for the entire weekend if he could not grow/build/find a wheelchair in the next 20 minutes.  Yes I was feeling very feisty.   Sad to say this is all true.

Yes, more UGLY.  This was the BEAUTIFUL Mrs. Rosemary's knee after returning from the ER.   We were incredibly thankful that her knee was not broken.  But she was in quite a bit of pain and had to use a wheelchair for the remainder of her first Quilt Market Experience.

 The FUNNY- This is a photo of the BEAUTIFUL Mrs. Rosemary as she had gotten dressed for bed.  I had no idea she was such a wild woman.....check out her jammies!!!!  But she was so tired and out of it from the day that she had re-attached her name tag to her jammies and got into bed.  I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my bed when I looked over and saw her with a name tag on her pajamas.   I just had to take a picture. 

I will end this post here.  Chapter 2 will be about the wonderful people you meet when you are in the flow of life.



  1. Glad you found some nice people in MN - there really are a lot of them!!
    Unfortunate that Rosemary had a accident, but lucky she had you to look out for her.

  2. That is a horrible thing to happen on her first trip to market but so good of you to stand up for her and get a wheel chair. The name tag is funny, maybe she wanted to make sure she was herself when she woke up in the middle of the night.

  3. I can definitely see a safety issue in that seat/table being so close to the corner. While I'm truly sorry about Rosemary, I surprised no one else has ever taken a tumble there. That is clearly a safety issue.

    On a somewhat related note, we just received a call tonight from a dear friend's daughter. Our friend took a tumble in the parking lot of a store, fell hard (lost her spleen and 50% of her blood). She will pull thru, but it really created an example how falls can be fatal. Safety issues really do need to be marked. I guess we should all start challenging business/places to try to mark/remove to provide better safety.


  4. She was very lucky indeed to not have broken her knee....sure look nasty!

  5. Ha ha... I am one of those people who will go find the manager and INSIST that they clear up such a danger. I just happen to mention that if anyone gets hurt I will be happy to testify that they were personally aware of the danger!
    (I have a friend that works as an OSHA inspector - thus I am more aware of hazards)

  6. Holey Moley..what a story. Note to self..always travel with an advocate. Is her knee better now???

    No chance of that happening in Houston.Not that many places to sit.


  7. Hope Mrs Rosemary is doing ok... having worked in a nursing home for a zillion years, FALLS, FALL Prevention etc was, is and always will be a MAJOR concern. KEEP PATHWAYS CLEAR is tattoed across our foreheads.... sheesh- I am so happy she had you as her advocate!
    I can hear the "I won't take no for an answer" in your blog LOL, I love it!


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