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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Velocity V50 by Reliable Review - It made Oprah's O-List

Yes it is true, the Velocity V50 made Oprah Winfrey's O-List!!  Congratulations Reliable!! 
It is also true that IHAN knew it Totally Rocked Big Socks back in May  before it made Oprah's O-List.  So perhaps Ms. Winfrey's staff need to contact IHAN for the skinny on all the best stuff going ay?  :)

This is me (me hand :), and my red bag in the background, getting personal with the Velocity V50.  Mr. McSteamy has the Velocity V100 (posted about here) and I use it when I iron the co-workers clothes for school.  I will challenge anyone's iron against the V100 every day of the week and I know it will beat every iron out there for continuous steam and it will not leak or leave wet spots on your clothes.  I do not own the Velocity V50 but I used it at Spring Quilt Market and I was just as impressed with it as I am the Velocity V100

Art Grabedian and Kimberly Szucs tolerated Mrs. IHAN while she inspected their wears.  Art already knows when he sees me to back away from the merchandise because I don't want them showing me how it works.  I want to be the operator so I know for sure that it works and how it works. 

I needed something to iron and Art would not take off his shirt so I started to take mine off to iron it (Linen wrinkles very easily) and I saw people starting to run so I quickly changed the game plan and just ironed the bottom of my Linen shirt.  Here is the before..... 

And here is the after.....see what I mean....not one wrinkle.  The Velocity V50 had continuous steam the entire time.  The other thing I really liked about the V50 is you can bypass the auto shut-off.  That is really nice if you are working on projects and you don't want to be annoyed by your iron turning itself off.  There were no water marks or drips....just like the V100.
The only other wrinkled item I could remove (yes I have other wrinkles but they don't come off that easily) was my camera strap.  It had gotten wrinkled and bunched up in places.  So off it came (no one ran this time :)
See how nice it looks now?  It was perfect again.  As everyone already knows, I don't work for Reliable Corporation and I don't own stock in their company either (that I know of) but when I find something I think is a great investment, I like to tell all my friends.

As with every product, there are things the V50 just does not do well.....after almost 45 minutes I discovered what the Velocity V50 really stinks at doing and I've gone to the trouble of posting my photos as proof.
The Velocity V50 really stinks as a belt.  I thought the cord did nothing for my waist line and the fob hanging from the cord was just not runway material.  Sorry Reliable!!!
It was also really ugly as a toe ring embellishment.  Somehow it really failed my expectations.  Again, a drawback, but not the end of the world.

Lastly, it makes a really ugly necklace.  The iron itself is way to heavy to dangle down even if you are into a huge amount of bling.  I have to give it a negative rating in the necklace and scarf categories.  Although I was thinking about plugging it back in and seeing if it would remove my crows feet.....but I was afraid to be disappointed.

Art and Kimberly also brought the new EnviroMate Pronto P7 with them to Market.  I wanted it so badly I was willing to shoot Art to get it.
Good thing he brought Kimberly with him as backup.....I almost had that baby in my bag and I would have been gone lickity split.  I think Kimberly is an ex-marine....but I'm not 100% on that.

The EnviroMate Pronto P7 shot steam for 15 minutes kidding.  And it was not a puff of steam either.  I tried several times to take a good photo of the steam but I don't know how to do that and have the steam show up in the photo.  I guess I need to take a video camera with me to Houston for Fall Quilt Market.  That steam was literally coming out in front of the tip for quite a distance.  The EnviroMate Pronto P7 is only available for pre-order at this time.  But I have it on good authority it will be available soon!!!

I have purchased a steam cleaner last year only to return it to the store because it sputtered and spurted and did not really steam.  I have been interested in Steam Cleaners because they clean and sanitize without using chemicals.  With two young co-workers around that is very important to me.  Guess what else it will do?  Kill bed bugs.  I know that is a gross subject to bring up, but I have read recently that bed bugs are not just in beds....they have found them in malls, clothing stores, and other public places.  So when I travel, you know what I'll be bringing with me!!! 

All I have to say is....."I'll Be Back."




  1. you have the most fun....silly you

  2. Oh YES Kelly, PLEASE take a video camera to Fall market!! Last year Sandi Henderson took one and I so enjoyed seeing all her little clips. With you holding the other hand I KNOW that is going to be hilarious and how else are us poor souls who cannot go to market know what's going on and what's new? Oh yes baby, this is going to be the mother of all youtube channels!! Can't wait!!

  3. I really like the by pass for the auto shut off. My iron is constantly trying to save me from burning down the house. I pick it up and shake it everytime I'm near it.

  4. You just keep finding more things for me to want to spend money on, don't you??
    By the way, I just bought tickets to Houston...exciting!

  5. Well my wish list just got longer! LOL :-) Thanks for the fun post!

  6. I think someone needs to lock you up and throw away the key!!!!

    YOu can always just wear it as a necklace and if someone just irritates know what to use it for.....

  7. Thanks again Kelly for a fab post. LOts of fun to read :)

  8. I need the auto shut off, I tend to leave the room and forget that it is on, lol. I buy no iron clothes, too lazy to do them, but I tend to be meticulous about ironing my fabrics and seams as I sew them.


  9. thx. I've been on the hunt for an iron - this one seems perfect

  10. Super cute post. I think Oprah reads your blog too!


  11. You are too funny! Hopefully Reliable will have a booth at Houston and I can try one on for size before buying. I need a new iron!

  12. I just got this iron for Christmas. Is it supposed to make noise when it steams? I loved your post and now follow your blog. Thanks for the info and the entertainment.


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