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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Morning - Enjoying a bit of YouTube - AGT Style :)

(Title of post edited 9/18/10 -I changed it because I did not get back to posting my review and I did not want people to be misled by the title.)

Good morning blog world.  I've had a wonderful morning so far.  Even though I should have gone back to bed to sleep two more hours (to get a total of 7) I mistakenly clicked on something that took me to the America's Got Talent Finale videos.  Oh my word.....needless to say I've spent over an hour thoroughly enjoying myself.  Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock have my hearts.  I adore their passion and courage.  I can not forget to include the frat guys in Defying Gravity either- completely entertaining and innovative....a real pleasure to watch indeed. 

I must say singing is something I do only when alone or in a group of folks who are certifiably deaf and this is not a joke- just ask Rick!!!  After listening to Michael Grimm sing Janis Joplin's Bobby McGee....tears came down my face.  I didn't think anyone on earth could do Janis that well....and he most certainly did.  Remember when Natalie Cole sang with a video of Nat King Cole in the background....that is what I thought when I saw Michael Grimm singing Me And Bobby McGee.  He needs to be singing and a video of Janis Joplin singing.....oh I can dream.

If I could wish one thing for both Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock....I would wish that they maintain their personal centers and not allow money and fame to take their passion....or any piece of them.  The money and fame is really more like rain on the windshield .....brush it aside....use it to get the things you need and your family may need.....but simply put it aside....and continue to allow their authenticity to move and guide them.

If you have no idea who I am even referring to.....then just google the names and it will all be revealed.  For this post, I'm not putting in links, photos, etc. 

How I got on this topic in the first place.....I was sidetracked when going to my e-mail.....LOL....when I opened my e-mail this morning I had several e-mails wanting more information about the Sizzix/Westminster Quilting By Design Big Shot, Big Shot Pro and Big Shot Express.  Instead of answering all of those e-mails, I'm going to write a post to answer all those questions.  But first, if you don't mind....I think I would like a cup of coffee :)

and re-play Michael Grimm singing Bobby McGee :)  Oh yeah baby!!

Joyful Smiles,


  1. I would have enjoyed having coffee with you, but glad to know you took a coffee break!! It is so rare I ever hear you take time for a break!


  2. You did get sidetracked big time.

    We are two weeks behind everything so I try to go on Hulu and get caught up. Love Prince Poppycock and Micheal...

  3. I missed the final show as I was at a quilt class. Michael Grimm certainly did a fabulous job in that video. I like Prince Poppycock too, and Jackie Evancho has an amazing voice for a 10 year old. I thought all of the fialists were pretty great!

  4. You are funny, I watched last night, but missed the final show, so I guess I can see it online. I am so glad Michael won, and last night he sang like a pro, so he finally got the break he deserved and a way to help his grandparents.


  5. I haven't been watching the show this year. I guess I've really missed out.

  6. I am so with you on the AGT post. I loved the creativity of Prince Poppycock, but agreed with the judges that his last performance was not his best but still wonderful.

    I loved Michael Grimm, and cant wait until we can get a CD. This was my first season watching this show, but I am hooked.


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