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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ - Lazy Angle Ruler by Creative Grids

It's Wednesday and this week....I actually know it is Wednesday....that is such a great thing!!!  It just so happens I was able to combine my visit with Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs, and Julie Herman, Jaybird Quilts, with the ruler I want to review.  All thanks to Checker Distributor Open House.

This sweet friendly face belongs to none other than that Lazy Girl herself, Joan Hawley.    She is holding the Lazy Angle Ruler she designed for Creative Grids.  The reason I wanted to review this ruler is because I'm one who does not like to have a "one wheel wonda" ruler (what I call a one purpose notion) they seem to be a waste of space.  The Lazy Angle Ruler is definitely no "one wheel wonda" and thanks to Joan's demo blocks....I don't even have to make these up for my post....she did all my work for me.  Now who is the Lazy one?
This is the Lazy Angle Ruler and I've been using it for my Hugs and Kisses Quilt (Julie Herman's Pattern).

This is Julie's version of Hugs and Kisses above and mine is below.  I am using a Bali Pop and joining the strips for mine.
So....this is how you use the Lazy Angle Ruler:
You saw the templates Joan used in the video.  Below you can see other templates that show how you can join any side seamed block (of the same size) making a huge variety of quilt patterns.
If you have some charm squares and you don't know what to do with you go:
Strips left over?  Here you go!
You can even use the Lazy Angle Ruler to cut the blocks you just made again to get really interesting designs.  So interesting in fact, Joan and Julie have tons of new patters that use the Lazy Angle Ruler :)
I think the designs you can make with this ruler are only limited by your willingness to play ...or if you are like me and want to buy the pattern....between Joan and Julie there are at least 14 patterns you can choose from.

I love the angles in some of these quilts.  Typically a quilter would either be darn good at piecing or use paper piecing to get those sharp points......but not if you use the Lazy Angle Ruler :)

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it!



  1. Raising hand and waving sheepishly. next question: raise your hand if you have ever USED it? sheepishly sitting on hand this time. I need some more videos like that one, and some patterns or inspiration. heh thanks

  2. What a creative laday, good to see the face behind the creativity!!

  3. I love that the girls who are making the rulers have a way to make so many different designs, great when you want some variety in your quilting.


  4. I have one waiting for me... Future project. can't wait to use it!

  5. You know, I was wondering how that lazy angle ruler worked--the video was perfect. I've had my eye on the Taffy pattern for a while and now that I know I can actually use the tool, I'm going to put this on my want/need list! than ks Kelly, for another fabulous post (yours are always so awesome, informative, and funny!)

  6. I think this is going on my Christmas list. Thanks for letting us know how to use it :)

  7. That ruler looks very cool. I wish I could buy one of everything you review. LOL

  8. Thanks for sharing. I am a "show mw" type person. The video is just what I need.

  9. I made several quilts with the lazy angle. I loved it! Gee, I should haul it back out!

  10. I have never seen that ruler. I love it and the patterns. I am a sucker for a ruler especially one that does so many things.

  11. Now this is one amazing post...since I do have these rulers to giveway, I can link this to our post..HI JOAN..magnificent idea and to you Kelly..sorry I have not been able to get out blog hopping ...missing all these wonderful posts..until now lol

  12. Hmmm that is a cool ruler! Yet another item added to my wish list. You add to that list often! Thanks again.

  13. Thanks for telling us about this ruler. It makes some nice quilts!

  14. She sure makes it look easy! I see the two pieces, and I loooove your colors (better than hers, I'm afraid), but I sure can't imagine how those two little shapes all go together to make such different looking patterns, but I have faith they do, 'cuz you told me so!

    Thanks for sharing with us, Kelly!

  15. I like to work with a pattern and I am looking for a pattern of "hugs and kisses" however I cannot get one in Holland and if I order one from America it costs more to send it to Holland than the pattern itself.
    Any suggestions?
    Regards, Aukje Roggeveen


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