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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Metamaterial ....a Quilter's Dream Fabric

Metamaterial is at the top of my shopping list.  I understand it is very small and that's ok because I'll only need a wee bit.  Don't know what Metamaterial is?  Click here :)

I'm sorry but I could not help myself...ROFL.  I'm going to add some to my wardrobe as well.  Metamaterial cloaking could be the answer to all my fashion problems too!

Got to run the boys to the Dr's and I'll be back later today to see how many more of you want some Metamaterial too!

Giggles and Smiles,


  1. I need to wrap my whole body in it...

  2. so you're the emporer's new clothes??

  3. Oh, I could so use some of that right now!

  4. I want a whole BOLT!!! I see that if we were to drape and tuck strategically I could look like a model or movie start, (a short one).... and from neck to ankles!!

  5. Just one question - how in the world did the subject even come up? I mean, didja have to go SEARCH for it?? Did one of the boyz use it in a sentence? Was it the spelling word of the day?? That's probably more than just one question, isn't it. :P

  6. I want enough yards that I could be in the sewing room hidden from view...I could sew for hours uninterrupted! I wonder, too, how this came up??

  7. Hmmm..with careful construction I could have clothes that make my tummy area look smaller.

  8. You've got my mind whirling with what I could do with that, let me know when you find a supplier.

  9. Strategic placement of that stuff would be awesome. Plus, I could use it like Harry Potter uses his cloak of invisibility.

    Just think of all the "nosy" stuff you could do!


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