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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Surfing USA

Imagine the Beach Boy's song....Surfin USA and then check out these Flamingos today:
They are styling' with that there surf board!  Then later this morning, while driving my nephews to Cedar Point (an amusement park here in OH) I saw this:

Are these people having fun or what?  They turned an old tree stump into a work of art.  I am always thrilled to see what people are creating (well....most all of the time

Then a little while later I saw this:

I did a double take....this looks like a palm tree....but it certainly can't be because it would not survive here in Ohio.  So, either it was a mirage OR it is a different type of plant!!!

It took me 3 hours, round trip, drop those boys off so they could scare the tar out of themselves by riding those nasty roller coasters....the one's where you are certain you are going to die....yep those!!!  I arrived home at lunch time and saw this:
Mr. McSteamy resting after eating his lunch.  Look closely.....towards the feet....
It must run in the family and come from his gene pool....yep...two different shoes.  He had not realized this morning when he got dressed.  At least all they guys in the house are consistent right?

Typically I don't have such an entertaining day....but today was one of those...followed by making everyone's yearly medical appointments...yawn...yawn.  I have been working on a review of a purse pattern and I have messed it at almost the very last step.  As soon as I get my boo boo repaired...I'll share my review and photos.

Hope you are all staying cool....or warm....depending on what side of this earth you are on...and are smiling too!



  1. Those flamingos are just a hoot!!

    Yep....he must have dressed in the dark? Funny!

  2. LOL--the shoes! Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. Oh my, I did that once........the shoe thing. Worst thing was, I noticed the shoe thing during church, a rather strict Catholic church...........I'm not Catholic but go for my kids and usually feel kind of out of place and you know what it's like trying not to giggle, that nervous giggle that starts your shoulders shaking and then of course it's during the quiet part of the service that little snickers of giggles to sneak out and then THANK YOU, GOD, the congregation started singing and full blown giggling erupted at the same time........I don't think I could have held it in any longer...... all the while getting very dirty, questioning looks from my other half who was oblivious to my dilemma just rather perturbed that I was giggling in the time they had finished all their verses I had composed myself till I went outside after church when the giggles set in again. Hubby still didn't think it was funny but I did! LOL LOVE the antics of your neighboring flamingos!!

  4. Oh dear...the shoes are too funny! I've managed a navy and black mix up one time. It taught me to never buy the same shoes in different colors!

  5. Thanks for my flamingo fix today! At least your hubs let you take his picture so he could be humiliated the world over on the internet. As for the might be in a giant pot and be transported to a green house for the colder months.


  6. I just love seeing your neighborhood flamingos! They really are some cool dudes.

  7. Have to ask, as I am fairly new to following you. Where are those flamingo's? I love flamingos, and have quite a collection, but unfortunately not outside. My husband has said he would disown me!. I have one in the backyard that turns on when it becomes night. I just love those cute pink birds. You should see the fabric I have! I love the mischief they get into.

  8. Well what an all around entertaining day you've had. And thanks for sharing it with all of us so that we could be entertained too!

  9. Hmmph! Now ya know!!! They're his, for sure...question is...are they YOURS??

    LOVE the birds & their adventures...don'tcha wish you had some of your very own? We've hatched some emus & peacocks down at the zoo, and they're growing up nicely, but it's just not the same as flamingoes. I keep asking tho..

    Glad you're having fun!!

  10. I love this post! The flamingos are always entertaining, but the shoes are wonderful! I have to admit though, that I'm barefoot most of the time and one time I completely forgot shoes when I left for work.
    That sure looks like a palm tree to me, I think Cindy must be right, it's in a pot and can be moved.

  11. My life... I went to work once with my clothes inside out. It wasn't until the building security guard at work told me what I did (bless him!) that I realized I did that.

    That was a VERY stressful time in my life. I did stupid stuff like walking into the shower and still having my clothes on.

    Now I just leave patio doors wide open for the stray bears and robbers to walk into.

  12. Your blog post brings a smile to my face and I am staying cool!

  13. Glad you're having a great summer! Still hoping for some nice gentle rains for northwest Ohio.

  14. WHY does that chair not have an ottoman!!!!!

    So funny, I have never seen this done (with shoes) until I met your family!

    LOL ((( :D )))

  15. hey, fellow Ohioan! are you loving the humidity this year?
    doesn't it just make you happy to see that people are doing kooky things? the car with the flamingos, the decorated tree. life is good.

  16. ha ha ha...I did that many years ago...went to work with 2 different black shoes on.....wondered why I was a bit lop sided....sometime through the day I thought I would check out why my shoes were making me feel that way and lo-and-behold I had 2 different shoes on....duhhhhh
    Hugs Khris


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