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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pounce on the Excess...Go Ahead

Most of us have it is sewing notions, fabric, books, magazines....what ever is your "thing" you probably have too much.  I know I do and I work very hard and either giving things away or using what it is that I do have.  Can you believe I actually have some notions I've never used?  It's I decided to use them.

Before I get into my post....I know many of you are in love with the here is your update:
Enjoying a bit of shade....and....

sunglasses for those who prefer to enjoy the sun shine.
A wading pool for those who need to cool off.
And a new addition to the Flamingo Family.  She/He looks innocent enough....however, once hooked up to a hose it's arms flap up and down spraying water on everything that comes near.

Ok....back to the "Excess"....LOL
I bought this Quilt Pounce in Lancaster, PA at a show years ago.  At the time, I had never quilted a bed quilt and had no idea really what I should do with it....but the sales person sure made it sound like I really should have one if I was going to be a quilter.  

Then I saw a stencil with a screen on it and I thought to myself...."self.....perhaps this is what that Pounce thing is for."  Naturally I bought the stencil and I decided to give it a try. (The Pounce works with all stencils...not just the screen stencils....I just had to give it a try...curiosity and all.)
 The pad on the Pounce has a terry cloth texture and I think there is powdered chalk on the inside.  Since it said "Pounce" I have it a pounce on top of the stencil screen. 
Not a good least not in my case.  I had powdered chalk billowing out of the thing.  I'd say it was "overkill" for sure. I'm guessing wiping it across the screen would work much better.....but you know me....if it says "Pounce" then that's what I'll do.
Very nice and defined chalk outline for quilting for sure.  I wondered if the chalk would just brush off and finding my quilting line would become difficult.  
So, I brushed the outline very hard with my hand and then a light cloth...and guess what?  I could still make out where the quilt lines were.  Not bad ay?  Then of course I read the directions....always read those last....if you are like most of us :)  The directions say to "wipe the pad over the stencil."  See...I could have saved my lungs and all my chalk if I had just read the directions.  I also read that a heated iron removes the marks after quilting.  Now I can say I'm ed-u-ma-cated! :)

Another item that I've had hanging on my wall for quite some time is this Clamp and Bird Set by Clover. They only have the bird part of this now....I'm guessing mine is old/old.   I bought it at a Guild Garage Sale for a dollar.  I know there are absolutely beautiful antique sewing birds but this is probably as close to owning a sewing bird as I'll ever get.  They are highly collectable....not this one....the antique ones...LOL.
I decided to do some research and found this Brass Sewing Bird and now it is available at IHAN.   I may not have an antique one but I'll be sure to get one of these Brass Birds and it will be antique some day.

The sewing birds act as a third hand.  You can clamp your fabric into the bird and that leaves both hands available for sewing....and un-sewing too. 
I have those days where I feel like I do more un-sewing than I do sewing....does that happen to you too?  I just put the fabric into the bird and perhaps you can see I used my Famore Seam Rip....just moving along the seam and all the threads were cut....some might say they melted like buttah!  Those who have a Famore Seam Rip typically love it....I know I do.

Sew....if by chance you are still reading....I'm impressed!  With my energy ebbing and flowing with this "change of life"....I have to write everything at one time when I have the energy...otherwise I may not write again for a few days.  Ya just never know.  I think the  "Change of Life" process has been mislabeled and I'm going to petition to have the name changed to "BS" instead.  Oops...did I just say that?  Yep...I guess I did.

What this photo has to do with anything is beyond me.  I found this powder at the drugstore today and I could not believe my eyes.  Naturally I had to take a photo of it....Anti Monkey Butt Powder.....what next?  I hope this leaves you smiling or giggeling.



  1. I need some of that powder, but mine is more Gorilla sized as opposed to monkey.


    A bird? crazy...

  2. looks like the flamingos know how to enjoy summer.
    I have passed up that pounce so many times. I think because I don't do much hand quilting but I guess you could use it for machine quilting too.
    Okay, the monkey stuff is just too weird.

  3. ok... 3rd time it might publish.... Kelly- Your excess that was shipped has plans to be delivered tomorrow. Pictures soon (I hope). Things here will be picking up.... moving back 9-6-12!!!!

  4. Oh, man, I have GOT to get me one of those flappy flamingoes!! Oh, maybe not...we're on water restrictions, so no sprinklers for us right now...and probably not later, either.

    I didn't know that heating chalk with an iron would remove it - I usually have to brush & brush & brush, then hit it with a damp paper towel. Good to know - now I can be ed-u-ma-cated too, tyvm!

    Anti-Monkey Butt powder is actually pretty common around helps keep things dry during those long days in the saddle. I think it's really not much more than cornstarch in a fancy jar!

    Enjoy your summer days - it'll be cool before ya know it!

  5. yeah, I woulda pounced too. Glad I found out before I ever got one.

  6. I bought the pounce powder too, and still have not used it. One of these days............

  7. Those flamingos sure know how to relax in style! I love the Monkey Butt powder.


  8. I am laughing a ton here right now. Anti-Monkey Butt Powder! Priceless. And I always love seeing what those flamingos are up to. Thanks for the update.

  9. I love the idea of the pounce! Great idea. Somehow the Anti-Monkey Butt powder appeals to me also.....Imagine the conversation: What is that you are using? Anti-Monkey Butt Powder, it's amazing. I can see that. No Monkey's butts in sight. What a wonderful invention. Okay, over it now. Thanks!

  10. I bought a Pounce and powder but haven't used it yet, it works better on darkish fabric. There are different kinds of powder so be careful some don't come out with an iron. Love the Monkey Butt powder, had to look it up, and the visual of someone scratching their butt like a monkey, too funny. You know those flamingos must have borrowed my umbrella!

  11. I have been wanting to get one of those pounces. Love those flamingos.

  12. I have a pounce and have pounced my own lungs, so I know how you hurt. As for the powder, I didn't know it is called "Anti-Monkey Butt" we've always called Monkey Butt, and my boys say it works. Now, when my teen-aged boys ask me to buy butt powder, I don't question it. I don't want to know (or see) the problem, and if they say it works, I buy two cans.


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