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Friday, October 11, 2013

Lights, Camera....

Blog Post!  LOL....I know you were thinking I was going to say action...but not this time.  I am however very pleased with my new 6 LED Light strip for my sewing machine and I used my camera to take a photo to share :)

I measured the upper surface of my sewing machine an thought a 6 LED Light Strip would fit nicely there.  It seems no matter how much light I have, I always want more when I'm sewing.  Call it age...that's fine by me...but what ever it's called...I want more light.  The 6 LED Light Strip I purchased for my machine is a "complete" LED Light Strip which means it has the electric cording and on/off switch.  The LED Strips are available to put on other sewing machines and you only need to purchase the cord and switch the first time.  I bought second 6 LED Light Strip for my embroidery machine.
 I like that these are thin so they don't get in my way.  The strip comes with a peel off adhesive but I don't use those on my machine.  I always put a 3M Command strip so I can take it off easily without ever leaving any residue. 
 These little lights are nice and bright....just wait and I'll show ya.

 It looks like a landing strip for a very small air plane...LOL.
Hopefully you can see the little command strip hanging out on the end.  If ever I don't want the light on there I'll just pull the tab and off it will come.
Another very nice feature is the on off switch. 

The LED Light Strips come in a variety of sizes.  I think these are neat for long arm machines as well.  You can see all of them HERE.
Did You Know?
Lady Eleanor and the QIAD team are celebrating their 35th Anniversary!!!!!

There will be a party at QIAD on October 19th.  For all of us who don't live near Quilt In A Day ....Lets knock Lady Eleanor's socks off by sending her congratulatory cards to the address below:

(Send your cards ASAP so they arrive before Oct. 19th)

(address info compliments of SewCalGal)

Flamingo Update:
This is the first time I have ever seen Flamingos new meaning to "Gone Fishing" ay?  Giggles!



  1. That light strip looks amazing!!! Maybe when the government gets to be paid (he is working but no pay) I'll get one!!! The Flamingos... are so darned cute.

  2. I have looked at those lights a few times. Do they really light up the area around the needle? that is where I need light.

  3. Maybe when the government gets to be paid (he is working but no pay) I'll get one!!! The Flamingos... are so darned cute.

    Skywatcher Telescopes

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