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Monday, October 7, 2013

Machine Applique Class with Diana Trost

Classes are so much fun and I was fortunate enough to take a machine applique class with a local woman, Diana Trost, this past Saturday.  Diana won several ribbons at a recent show and I've always wanted to know her secrets.  Here is one of her winning quilts:
"Aunt Millie's Garden for Lydia" made and quilted by Diana Trost

This is Diana's own design and the pattern for our class.  The rose is beautiful and the quilting enhances this pillow so beautifully.  Now, I'm not saying mine will finish looking like Diana's but I will say that she shared enough of her techniques and supplies that mine should be pretty darn nice.

Here is another version of the same pillow using different fabrics:
Using different shades of red on the rose and the buds accentuates the rose differently.  

Our supply list included a variety of red, pink and green fabrics.  One gal brought several neatly cut squares of the variations of fabrics.  What did I bring?  A bag full of every red, pink and green I could find.  What is up with me?  I don't like deciding in advance if I'm not sure what I'm making so I bring everything and the kitchen sink too.  LOL...and did I mention that I borrowed some red pieces of batiks from a girlfriend during class....oy vey!
Here is my pillow so far.  I used the practice piece that Diana provided to practice my machine applique stitching so I didn't mess up my "pretty" piece.  I have to say Diana not only did a good job of teaching us all that she knew about perfecting the stitching but also provided us with some of her favorite machine applique supplies including Soft Fuse and Pellon Stabilizer.  We received printed instructions so we could finish the project at home....including a hand drawn pattern on freezer paper with the quilting design too!!!  If I were to teach a class like this and do all that she had done to prepare, you bet our bottom I'd be charging over a hundred bucks...LOL.  

Thank You Diane for arranging the class and Thank You Diana for teaching such a wonderful class :)

A Finish:
I came home and finished these pillowcases for my sister.  She is studying for a big exam and I thought I'd give her something to smile about before the big test.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  If you've taken any classes recently I'd love to hear about your experience too.  If you've blogged about it, just leave a link in your comment and I'll hop over and read all about it.



  1. I haven't taken a single class since I've been back : {
    Was going to take one on Wed, but it's a project and I have enough of those already unfinished- don't need another.

    You class project is going to be beautiful!!!

  2. Diane's quilt is beautiful, and your block is coming along nicely. Just a few more just like it and you'll have a quilt too, in no time flat!

    Last class I took was, believe it or not, card-making, the day after eye surgery. Not sure how much I got out of it, seeing as I couldn't see. Yeah, call me crazy, you're not the first one to do so. I got my girlfriend to do all the work, so my cards came out ok, thank goodness. Yeah, she drove me over there & back too.

    Right now I'm working on an embroidered pillow sham, using Wonderfil bobbins & Floriani thread, and it's coming out beautifully! Wish you were here, we could have fun together!

  3. ooh, that looks beautiful! You did a wonderful job! Tell your sister good luck on her professional exam. I'm so excited for her! I know this will help her go places.

    The cases are pretty!

  4. No classes lately but I wanted to let you know I'm having a BIG exam this week. I'd just love have new pillow cases! They would make me feel so comfy at night. Just couldn't resist a comment when I saw those lovely pillowcases. Hint Hint! LOL Auntie

  5. I can only get online classes, so I drool over the work bloggers produce at their classes. Love the applique block and what a nice idea to make the pillowcases.

  6. Her version of Aunt Millie's Garden is gorgeous! And the pillow!! Yours looks great already. Now what was the glorious fabric you used for the pillowcases? So lovely.


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