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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Old Habits Die do....

HP Computers! 
Yep...I only used my HP laptop to do my blogging and now I'm paying the price.  I feel like I'm blogging with new glasses even though all I'm doing is using a Mac Book.  A bit different...yes...and...I can do this!

So, what have I been up to you ask?
I've been working on this quilt for my mother's doctor.  I know he'll be very surprised when I mail it to him.  The fabric is a Parson Gray (I love this line) and the pattern is Perfect Ten by Swirly Girls Design.  I still have a border to put on but that will be done by the end of the fingers are crossed.

While working on my "Perfect Ten" I learned something interesting.  I was using my Featherweight machine and mindlessly sat down and started to sew.  Then I noticed you see anything in the photo below (or should I say is there anything missing?)

 Sewing....sewing.....sewing along.
That's right, I didn't have flip the power toggle on the lower right.  But how then could I be sewing and sewing and sewing?  Apparently my Featherweight works when plugged in and the toggle switch only turns on the light.  Does yours do that?  Ya learn something new every least I do!

Oh yes....and then there is my youngest co-worker.  Mr. McSteamy and I have spent so much time helping Zach adjust to 4th grade.  He is really struggling and he is an A student.  I can't imagine how difficult this must be to adjust...I can't imagine it because I can't remember that long ago.  One very good reason not to have a child at 40...LOL.  You've heard the joke about the woman who had a baby at 65?  A visitor arrives and wants to see the new baby and she has to wait for it to start crying because she forgot where she put it....not so far from reality....giggles.

While I'm trying to find the rest of my photos from iphoto and picassa....still working out the Mac Book thing here....I want to share a beautiful quilt I saw in the ladies room at a church.  I fell in love with this quilt and it gave me a great idea for using vintage hankies.

Such a great way to show the beautiful hankies.  I've run across some that had stains and the corners could be used so don't throw them away...if you don't want them...send them my way!

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  1. you will love your macbook when you get used to it! it is wonderful!
    think simple efficient clicks lol. love the quilt for the doc and the hankie blocks are terrific also. My condolences on your mother's passing. I have been out of pocket for several months and am just now catching up.

  2. Love love love the doctor's quilt. The hankie one is unique as well. Sorry to hear Zach is having adjustment problems at school. Any consolation, Leslie's youngest is also having some concerns adjusting to kindergarten. All in good time they will be fine.

  3. that quilt is so sweet and yes, a great way to use vintage hankies.
    What a great quilt you are making for the doctor, very masculine.
    Oh, I am so glad I am not in school anymore. I do remember those days of trying to adjust. It is tough but he will be fine.

  4. Boy I remember the 4th grade! It was horrible!!!! You jump from being a child to being considered capable and responsible, and it's a major adjustment! It was horrible for me, and it was just as horrible for my kids when they went through. So far, my grands have handled it much better than I did LOL!!!

    Yes, my FW does the same thing. Plugging it in turns it on, the toggle switch is just for the light. Took me a while to figure that out too :*) Great gray quilt - perfect for a guy!!!

  5. The "hankie quilt' is quite cute. A good way to use them... and the Doctor will absol..utely love his quilt.... too bad about the school thing..

  6. Trust me, you will learn to love you Mac and feel handicapped when you have to work on a PC. I do recommend getting Parallels for the Mac if you need to run a windows program. it works great.

  7. I have also been frustrated with HP computers, PCs in general. Wanting to make the jump to MAC and will probably try to do it this winter.

    Zach looks like a future CEO.


  8. When I was in fourth grade, they introduced the team teaching concept. oy vey, it was an adjustment! Mom's doc will LOVE that quilt! Beautiful manly fabric. (But us gals like it, too!) :-)

    Baking snickerdoodle brownies tonight. YUM!

  9. Love your quilt and the hankie one....

  10. I think you'll love the new computer after you get through the learning curve. I'm sorry for Zach, is it the school work that's giving him trouble? Our school system did some strange, to me, things that made fourth grade difficult, but it wasn't school work.

  11. Change isn't easy but you'll get used to it before you know it. And 40 isn't too old to have a child. I was older than that when we brought Jammer home from Vietnam.

  12. I love the use of the hankies in that quilt! What a great idea. I will have to look through my stash. The quilt for your Mom's doctor is neat as well.

  13. Your doctor quilt is gorgeous!!! I also LOVE that hankie quilt....such a great idea.

    I always found little boys in 4-6th grades had school problems, but I loved the joke.

  14. I love your quilt what a wonderful thoughtful gift for your Mom's Doctor.I have an IPad and I love it . Everyone says that once you have a Mac you will never go back.LOL Your little guy will be fine he just needs time. Was he close to your Mom? Hugs Sandra

  15. The Dr. quilt is beautiful, Kelly. I know he will be so surprised and very touched by the gesture. The hankie quilt is a great idea. I've always wanted to do something with hankies but was thinking 'butterflies'. I believe the curriculum is getting increasingly more challenging now and it is reflected in all the homework these kids are getting. I don't see the kids outside playing on weekdays at all. Kids need down time, too, as well as phys ed, art and music. Let me know how you like the Mac. I'm tired of crashes and viruses here! :)


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