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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quilters and Halloween

Happy Halloween

You know you are an obsessed quilter when you see a Mummy and instead of being frightened, you are wondering if those fabric strips are 2 1/2 inches wide....and just how long could they be?  Long enough for a quilt binding?

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Monday, November 4th
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  1. YOu are so right, when I saw that at first I noticed the fabric and not the mummy...funny!!!

  2. Hahahahahah! That is so funny. And true! How is the foot? Do you still have a witches boot attached?

  3. I confess, I never thought about the fabric on a mummy for quilting. I do however lust over people's clothing and want to cut it up for quilting.

  4. Now you have me thinking about making a quilter's mummy from my strips, he'll be colorful.

  5. That is exactly what I think when I see a mummy, we both are freeky! How is the rehab going? Hope the pain meds are just enough to make you a little happy and not too nappy. I too love Lady Elenore, she's the whole reason I'm a quilter at all. Her Log Cabin Quilt in a Day started it all for me it made me feel that I could do this with an instant success. Thanks Elenore.

  6. Hope this finds you well on the mend and the pain has subsided. LOVE the mummy! You still have that great sense of humor even though you are going through a bummer of month. Keeping up to date via Sis. Praying for you speedy recovery so the petal of you machine will not become lonely.

  7. How are you doing Kelly? Are you back home fron the rehab. I love your sense of humor that has to be how you keep going when all these fun things happen to you. Praying for quick recovery. Hugs Sandra

  8. Hey girl, how are you? If that's you in the top picture, then you've lost weight (what a skinny mummy). I guess you got tired of the Calamity Jane costume. Hope you are healing well.


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