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Monday, March 3, 2014

Wouldn't It Be Wonderful.....

and it can be WONDERFUL with your help.... if AFS Lightware Solutions....AKA one of my FAVORITE notions the Beam N Read Light were to

receive $5,000.00 worth of marketing from Intuit Quick Books to help their small family business grow.  Small businesses thrive on those who know their products and who believe in them as people.  I believe in Bob Friedman, the son of the inventor of the Beam N Read Light.  Why do I believe in him?  I believe in Bob because he has remained loyal, very loyal to those who use and purchase his family's Beam N Read LightsAFS Lightware Solutions is really Bob's parents and Bob....yep...just like IHAN®.   Not only is Bob loyal, he is assessable and available to receive feedback.  There is no recording that says "press this if you want that"......I just get a, hello.  That's what is the beauty of small family businesses.  It's Bob's mother who calls me to verify my order.  Just like old times...wonderful times when business was about people serving people. 

AND did I mention....their Beam N Read Lights were a huge surprise to me because when I first saw one I gave it no attention.  I thought, another gizmo light...ok.  I was wrong...and much to my surprise it is one of my very favorite must have notions. 

I am personally asking and encouraging  each and every person who reads this post to VOTE for AFS Lightware Solutions by clicking HERE each and every day.   I have my fingers and toes crossed that you will share this with everyone you know....friends, family, groups....set the social media networks ablaze with requests for people to go and vote each and every day so that one of our small family businesses will has the opportunity to have a better platform from which they share their mission and their amazing Beam N Read Lights.

If I had been invited to the Oscars last evening....Ellen called but I was at my sisters house and couldn't make the last minute flight to be her assistant (it's always something...eyes rolling with laughter) I would have worn my Beam N Read and every last one of those "beautiful people" would have been jealous of my fashion accessory....the twitisphere would have included selfies with bright lights shining from their chests....ahhhhh all in my favorite dreams anyway :)

I'm running late for an appointment so I've got to stop typing...but before I do...I just want to say that Bob forwarded me the link so I could enter IHAN® for this opportunity, not so I would or could vote for them or share about their entering...he was wanting to support me/ IHAN®  Another feather in his/their cap!

I've only had a few minutes to write this post...if there are errors...refer to my disclaimer below.

Bright Beaming Smiles,


  1. Hi Kelly. This light looks like it would be very helpful, especially with saving the eyes during those drab days when the natural light is poor and also during the evening/night hours when the majority of us do our needlework. Thanks for sharing this with us. I also want to say how sorry I am about the loss of your mother. I lost my husband a year ago in January. It is a lonely road when a loved one is gone, but I find comfort in knowing this is just a temporary separation. We do become more acutely aware of our own mortality and also how precious and fragile life is. I guess the most profound thing for me was realizing how short life really is and how much I needed God in all things.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  2. Just checked them out, gave them a vote and thinking about a purchase. Thanks for heads up.

  3. I VOTED! And I couldn't agree more on your perspective on service. Thank you Kelly, for your SERVICE and for offering great products, and a fair {and lower} price. :)

  4. voted, will do it again tomorrow!!

  5. I voted before, voted today, plan to vote tomorrow...and I'll keep voting. Would be great fun to have ASF win.


  6. I had no clue that they are a small family run company. They got my vote today and every day that I have a chance to vote for them!

  7. I won one from Ami Simms, which I gave to my elderly mother and then I purchased one for her sister, both with macular degeneration. Since my mother's death, hers has been in a box. You have reminded me of it, so I should get it out and use it, since I am trying to prevent more eye strain and the degeneration that is in my genes. Beckie in Brentwood, Tn

  8. Hi Kelly I went and voted for them because you asked but also because I have the light and I really love it. Now I just hope I can remember every day.


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