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Friday, March 7, 2014

International Quilter Weekend

Did you know you only have one week before International Quilter Weekend Begins?  Do you have any big plans? 
Graphic from Stamping Julie...CLICK HERE to visit and download this page for yourself

I made BIG PLANS several months ago and I'm so excited my toes are even tickled!  I'm headed to an Empty Spools Seminar at the Asilomar Conference Center in California....yep, leaving the snow behind for awhile!  

I'm going with a dear friend and I'll be celebrating my 50th birthday while I'm there.  This trip has been in the works for months and it is intended to nourish my creative soul.  I have never taken a 5 day quilting class and I'm really venturing into scary territory....I'm taking an art quilting class with Patt Blair, Textile Artist and Quilter.  I'm going to learn how to take a photo and turn it into an amazing art quilt.  I love art quilts and have several of Susan Brubaker Knapp's pieces. 
This is Vanity, a Susan Brubaker Knapp work of art that I own and absolutely love.  You've probably seen it on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine a few years back.  I have dreamed of taking a class with Susan but my schedule and her's has not worked out as of yet so I'm tickled pink to be taking an art class with Patt Blair.  

Fear?  Oh yes...tons of it...and it got so bad I actually e-mailed Patt a few times.  She is so sweet and has answered every question with wonderful detail.  I'm not an artist...and when I say that....I really mean it.  I draw primitive stick figures and houses....never had a class in art in my entire ...almost 50 years!   This is a huge step for me and I have not chosen my photo yet.  A few weeks ago I surfed the internet for all sorts of images that might inspire me and I found this one:
Isn't it absolutely amazing?  I fell in love instantly.  Naturally I can't take her photo and make an art quilt without her written permission...guess what????  I have her permission!!!  She was so kind in granting me permission to use it as an inspiration and I'm really considering using it too....except I'm still scared.  Do you think I can do it?  Make an art quilt that looks something like a real elephant? 

Do you know about the Empty Spools Seminars ?   Just in case this is the first time you are hearing about their seminars I'll give you a quick bit of information.  They have five 5 day seminars and there are 11 teachers and you get to take a 5 day class with one of them.  Click on the link above and check it out for yourself.

So...what do you think?  Do you have any recommendations for me?  Have you taken a class with Patt Blair before and what did you think?  I hear she is a great teacher so that helps me relax somewhat.  I'll be honest with fear is having a piece of cloth that looks like I poured ink or pain on it without any form or reason.  Perhaps I should take a piece and do that when I get there so my fear is cleansed and I can get on with it...


BTW....Have you been voting for ASF Lightware Solutions each day?  CLICK HERE to vote until March 16th.


  1. What a wonderful way to celebration International Quilt Day/Weekend, Birthday, time with a very dear friend. You definitely made BIG plans. And I'm so happy for you. I hope you have a wonderful time and wonderful 50th birthday.

    BTW - I'm convinced birthdays get better and better once you turn 50. They are all magical birthdays. But do remember my theory:

    If a toddler gets to celebrate their birthday on a "day" and a person that turns 100 gets to celebrate their "Birthday Year", you get more than a day to celebrate your birthday. This gives you the right to celebrate your birthday "window" with oodles of dates with with friends and family during your birthday window.....let the celebration begin!



  2. A. Happy Birthday!!!!
    B. Have fun, create freely and without fear.
    C. Yes I have been voting every day!!!

  3. Have a great time.... I am jealous! Have a Happy Birthday too.

  4. Happy birthday. You're going to love the 50s!!!

    Enjoy your class. My problem would be "blank slate" sydrome. I would be in an absolute panic. I guess I just need to be controlling! LOL

  5. Hi!!!! You can do it!!!! That pic is wonderful!!!!! All that fear and excitement will just turn into creative energy!!!!! The classes sound so fun!!!!! It will be a wonderful adventure!!!!! Can't wait to hear about it!!!!!

  6. You can do it, Kelly! Can't wait to see your quilt. And Happy "round number" birthday, too!

  7. Kelly, you can do anything you set your mind to do. I totally "get" your fear going into this. I'm facing the same fear with a class I'll be taking in April. But ya know what? It just means we are a bit out of our comfort zones. And once we "dig in" and enjoy it, we'll be IN our comfort zones and the fear will be gone! :-)

  8. I love the picture you chose! I say run with it and have a blast! Just remember the only rule here is to have fun!!!
    Happy 50th birthday! You are going to love the 50's. Trust me...I'm almost 61 and I have been having a great time the last ten years.

  9. Happy Birthday and celebrating at Asilomar is wonderful. If you have never been there, it is a sight to behold. The cabins are rustic and the ocean is blue. Enjoy the class!


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