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Monday, March 17, 2014

Patt Blair at Alisomar

I believe I mentioned previously that my class here at Alisomar is with Patt Blair, textile artist, quilter and teacher.....and really fun and joyful person!

Patt is an artist who has many years experience painting beautiful pieces of art.  She also  has a gentle way of inviting those with no experience (NONE) to enjoy becoming familiar with textile painting in a safe and encouraging environment.
While enjoying these photographs, keep in mind these are Patt's original designs and therefore carry a copyright!  You may not copy any of them without her permission.
Now that I have you captivated with Patt's wonderful artistic tallent...I bet you want to know how she creates these beauties right?

Tsukineko Ink!!!  Yes, all of these were created with ink and not paint.  Amazing ay?

Several students have chosen Patt's lion pattern to do while many others have brought their own photos or art to re-create during this "oh so fun" class.   I've been amazed so many times watching what can be done with  Tsukineko Ink.
 That eye was not drawn on the was put there with ink.  I looked a little funny while my mouth draped open as I watched Patt create this eye.  The real "wow" factor is then watching my classmates do the same thing...can you believe it?  Patt's knowledge, teaching style and fun gentle spirit provides a bridge for others to join her in the pleasure of creating beautiful works of art.

Sorry I have to stop this post here...I've had no coffee and I'm hungry this morning.  I'll post about my work and I've also gotten the permission of other students to post some of theirs as well.  If you are requiring a bib so as not to drool on your clean've been forewarned...go grab your bibs!  Giggles :)

Joyful Smiles,
PS...Happy St. Patrick's Day and a special shout out to my lovely girlfriend, Micki (Irish Muses) who lives in Ireland!  Big St. Patrick's Day to you Micki!


  1. That looks like tons of fun! Will you also be thread painting on top of that to embellish it further? Sorry, just caught your message. Hope you got my reply. Have tons of fun!

  2. What kind of permanence do the inks have? They look like fun.

  3. wow....that is amazing. I want to see your work, after you eat of course....don't want you roaring at all of us.

  4. Nice work! I want to see what YOU have made!!!!

  5. Really WOW, I can't wait to see what you're working on.

  6. Wow! reading backwards again, but this looks like so much fun! I love your elephant too (told you I was reading backwards!) What a wonderful workshop!


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