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Monday, March 24, 2014

Tessanne Chin of the Voice Fame at Asilomar?

If you follow the Voice on television than you'll remember Tessanne Chin from last season.  She was the winner and I'm telling you that girl can sing!!! When I saw one of my class mates pieces for Patt Blairs class I immediately said...I know who that is.  Wait until you see Chris's piece....

Didn't she really capture Tessanne?  Chris is going to add some crystals to Tessanne's hair and finish the quilting.  I know if Tessanne ever sees this, she will be tickled someone was so touched by her performance on the Voice that they made an art quilt with her on it
I'm going to finish this post with more photos from my trip.  They are not art quilt photos....they are of the beautiful scenery.  Clearly I had seen enough snow in Ohio to last until next least, so I'm enjoying these beautiful pix of California and I hope you do too. 

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Without further is some beautiful scenery ....
I don't think I'll tire of looking at the beautiful ocean and mountains of California!

Sunshiney Smiles,


  1. Chris did a wonderful job of capturing the likeness. Brava!

    And oh those beautiful clear sunny skies....we had sun today but it was freezing when I went for my walk at 7 this morning before work.

  2. That is some mighty righteous scenery. So beautiful. I would have scrapped the seminar and just sat a chair right there! Yes I would!

  3. I love the Cali coast line.... especially the northern... coast... all the crags, cliffs and scrawny windblown trees! We have one more snow storm... coming in today!!!! But I noticed yesterday that the maples are ready to bust some leaves out!!!!!! yay SPRING!

  4. Beautiful indeed! There's just something about the sea....

  5. Amazing art quilt! And beautiful scenery!

  6. Amazing scenery and that one quilt is a work of art for sure..thanks for showing it.


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