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Monday, September 29, 2014

Age DOES Matter

Wine & Cheese, yes Age DOES Matter....however....there are lots of other things that age affects as well.  Take for instance all the glue I had on my shelves.
The oldest co-worker had an assignment and he needed to create a web of sorts out of yarn. 
Once he made the web we pondered how to keep the intersections and we have plenty....or so I thought.  I tried every single bottle of the fabric and craft glues that I own and not a single one worked.  Why?  It didn't take long for me to figure out what the problem was...AGE!  I don't have a clue as to when I bought any of these bottles and did I write a date on them?  NOPE

WORD TO THE WISE: When you buy any new glue, fabric marking pens, applique adhesives or other sewing notions that may have a shelf life....LABEL IT with the date of purchase.  I wish I had done that....could have saved me lots of time and frustration.

What did we end up using?
Yep....good ole Elmer's Glue.  Thankfully we had some!  Suffice to say the other bottles are in the recycle bin.  Next time.....I'll take my own advise.


PS...I didn't try the E6000 because I was afraid it would glue the yarn to the cloth permanently.  That stuff is mighty powerful....I know because it was glued onto the bottle next to it on the shelf.... and the reason it is in the photo.


  1. LOL... I'd glue my fingers together LOL!

  2. :) My E6000 is always on the table, so I never gave it a second thought!

  3. I have to say that Elmer's is an excellent choice for this. I too, have glue that is probably kaput.
    I was happy when I opened some well aged acrylic paint last night. It was still very usable - practically like new.

  4. Fray check... would have worked too. But Elmers is what I would have gone to first... because 1. its cheap and 2. we always have a bottle of it around the house!!! I did discovered recently that several bottles in my adhesive collection were not as liquid as needed, so they like yours are out.

  5. That is a great suggestion and one that I will definitely use from now on. Thank you.

  6. I buy glue sticks during the school sales at walmart, use them for quilting all the time! They never go bad. Guess I'd better check my bottles!

  7. great tip to label glue. who would've thunk it.


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