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Friday, September 26, 2014


My PA quilt top is finished....almost!  Yes, I used Mary Jane's beautiful Bernina 820 to finish this top...thank you for all the encouragement and support! 

This pattern is the absolute best for scrappy quilt making because it really doesn't matter what fabric you use as long as the center blocks are lighter.  Christmas mixed with Halloween and add some Easter...who cares....the only thing that shows is the light and dark patterns.
I want to add a thin inner border and a little wider border on the outside.  Wouldn't you know that not a single piece of fabric that I own looks good for the outside that crazy or what?  You know I'm not going out to buy fabric.....I'm going to hit up some local friends and if need be, long distance friends after that.  I've already been through Waldo's stash and that is where I got the lighter inner border.

More progress on the organization front as well.  I've been looking for a shelf to put behind my machine to hold some of my fun sewing items.  The problem is the wall is cement and I don't want to have to put holes into the wall.  Hanging shelving from the ceiling is certainly an option and I was ready to pull the trigger on that project.....then I walked into a consignment store and found the neatest narrow shelf:
It came with 6 shelves total and some were sagging in the middle (don't even think about the my sagging middle) so I have some books on those shelves to straighten them out.  Sure wish it were that easy to straighten myself out...LOL  The shelf was $15 and I was thrilled because buying the materials for hanging shelves would have been much more.

Quick Flamingo Update:
A friendly soccer game with the opposing team wearing shirts.  Too funny.
Naturally their parents would be cheering them on from the sidelines.

That is all from here....hope all is well with you and yours!



  1. Lovely quilt and your flamingo updates always make me smilee

  2. Love your quilt, Kelly. I've seen several of these, and every one is gorgeous. Such a pretty pattern!

  3. That quilt is amazing, it's like quilt soup - throw everthing in and it still tastes good! Glad you were able to find some shelving, don't you just consignment stores. It looks like it was meant to be there. Love the flamingos as always...

  4. Happy to see you have found some time to sew on the 820 (with MJ on your shoulder). Your scrappy quilt is so comfy looking. Great job. Nice shelf too.


  5. I'm glad too that you've been able to sew some. For the borders how about a pieced border next to the thin light border, similar to what I did for Jammer's 100 Good Wishes Quilt? I'll email you a picture. I also did a scrappy border for another OHGWQ that I recently finished but I did that one as piano keys. I've found that it is a great way to add a border and have it work with all the scrappiness in the top.

  6. Great quilt, but the big question is who won the soccer game???? (giggle)

  7. Gooooo, Skins! Gooooo, shirts! Nuthin' like a good friendly pickup game to get the wings flappin!

    I think your quilt needs a red or blue border....I might can help you with the blue, but you & I both know we certainly won't find any red in my closet! Glad to see you've got your sewing mojo back! Let me know if you need some stash!!

  8. Such a fun quilt . I love this pattern scrappy. And look forward to you boarder choices too. I didn't see the cheerleaders...have the geese left already for the winter?

  9. love your quilt. I have always wanted to make that pattern.
    Great bookcase. I don't think the shelves sag to badly at all.
    Yay! for soccer.

  10. your quilt is wonderful.....and those flamingos...what fun!! I am sure your friend is so glad that you are making great use of the machine...she is smiling down on you.

  11. Great Quilt and shelf find!!! I'm thinking that you need a small dark print for the border... Don't ask whats in my stash... I don't have any yardage of a small dark print...


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