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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fabric Play-Change the Fabric, Change the Quilt - Review

Are you a hard sell when it comes to quilting books?  I have grown more and more difficult to please in the past few years.  The books I'm willing to purchase must provide inspiration and instructions that are thoroughly explained.  With limited sewing time and a big stash....finding the right book and/or pattern really increases my motivation and desire to make a quilt.   If you are anything like me, Fabric Play by Deanne Moore, certainly fits that criteria. 

Most of you know, I love a paint factory explosion of color, so the cover of this book didn't hit my sweet spot.  I'm glad I didn't let that mislead me....this book has fourteen different designs that can be as individualized as the person who makes or receives a quilt.

Check this out:
"Go Your Own Way"
I love, love, love this pattern and to be honest, I'm certain what grabbed my eye was the Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  Once I saw the quilt on the right, using different fabrics, my mind was opened yet again to other fabrics I have in my stash that would be beautiful with this pattern as well.

The point here, is "Change the Fabric, Change the Quilt"....but are you capable of seeing a pattern made up and then visualizing your fabric choice in its place?  My eyes can confuse my brain (yes, that does happen) and Deanne has the solution.

Her solution: Design Sheets 

A Design Sheet for each and every quilt in the book.  Once I saw the blank Design Sheet, my eyes and brain began working together.  I can now venture into my stash and see so many more possibilities.  Fabric Play is an excellent choice for stash busting.


How many of us have those fabrics with large prints or panels and we don't know what to do with?   I can see all your hands raising now (You didn't know I can see you on the other side of the screen?  Go comb your hair because I do see you :).  "Structure" is a perfect pattern for all those panels and fabrics that you have in your stash that you have wanted to use.  I can see this quilt being loved by children, teenagers and adults....depending on the fabrics you use.  Fabric Play certainly dishes up a heaping helping of versatility.

Being visual, I really like diagrams and photos that describe the instructions.  Written instructions alone are almost useless for me.  Deanne has provided ample diagrams and photos that illustrate the instructions ....WELL DONE  Deanne MooreFabric Play is appropriate for all skill levels....from a beginner to the experienced quilter.

I Have A Notion ® will have Fabric Play at the beginning of October.  If you must have it now,   Fabric Play is available on Deanne's website, Creative Sewlutions @ The Quilt Haus as well as  Martingale. With 14 different patterns to choose from, there are definitely enough options to put a huge dent in our stashes.  You know what that means right?  More fabric shopping trips....which could include lunch and chocolate too....I better stop before I drool on my keyboard.



    1. I bet this would really help for people like me, who are new to quilting & don't have much color sense (or EQ7!).

      Oh, and I hope the sight of me in my nightie didn't make your hair fall out! ROF!!!

    2. I have my moments with visualization. Glad to see she offers worksheets to facilitate the process.

    3. Wow and old school book.... with worksheets... for playing!!! I'm getting particular about books too, but right now I have ideas and not enough time to complete!!!!


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