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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts was at the Checker Open House 2014

 It's true...and you know what?  I missed it!!!  :(  Unfortunately I was at a memorial service for my dear friend who recently passed away.  I do my very best not to miss out on the great vendors and classes at the Checker Distributor Open House each year, but it could not be helped.

Edyta's latest book, "Handfuls of Scraps Pieced into Amazing Quilts " lines up perfectly with what I've been thinking about lately.

My girlfriend who was very ill before she passed did not use her quilts to keep warm during her illness.   Most of Mary Jane's quilts are show pieces and not "everyday quilts."  I want tons of "everyday quilts" not only for myself but to give to people that I love to keep them warm when they are cold and/or sick.  Show pieces are wonderful, don't get me wrong....but an "everyday quilt" now that's my kind of quilt.

In Edyta's new book, "Handfuls of Scraps Pieced into Amazing Quilts," includes 15 scrappy patterns that are perfect for "everyday quilts." 

Below are some of my favorites:
"Looking Glass"
"Let It Shine"
Now  these are what I call truly scrappy quilts.  The type of quilts I would wrap up in and proudly carry back and forth to the hospital etc.  They are beautiful and useful....right up my alley!

If you want to add some pizazz to your scrappy quilt you can add borders that include some of Edyta's Silhouettes (pre cut applique shapes).

I wished I could have visited with Edyta but it wasn't in the cards this time....hopefully sometime soon because I have always admired her work and she is a lovely gal.

Speaking of lovely gals....Waldo needed a binding sewn to one of her quilts and I was tickled to be able to stitch it for her.
This was yesterday and I finished the binding....this is such a beautiful quilt.  
It is 50x70 and it was quilted by Joanne from Splitting Stitches blog.   Hand stitching is so relaxing and Waldo thought I could use some relaxation recently....she offered more quilts that need binding and I may just take her up on it.  Friends, fabric, quilts....sounds like a shot in the arm to me...makes me happy.



  1. Everyday quilts are lovely to have around. They are all around my house (and I took one with me to hospital too) and I have given many away. I don't really know if there is anything lovelier than seeing my nephews (11 and 13) wrapped in their aunties quilts (made by their request!) lounging (or chilling) on the couch! I love that.

  2. What a lovely quilt. I just love stars. I have a friend, Angie, that has dreams of making that first photo.


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