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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Annual Pilgrimage Home

Every year we head to PA for the 4th of July. The only difference this year is we are going the week before and leaving on the 5th to return home to OH. We look forward to this trip all year and enjoy seeing our friends and family.
I adore this picture. It was taken in PA in July.
Can anyone tell me who's shirts these boys are wearing? You have to recognize the shirts owner and not be the owner....hey telling....that's cheating!!!

If you are the first to leave a comment on who the owner is and you are correct....without cheating (quilters don't cheat.....well.....I do....but usually they don't!!! LOL) I will send you a special prize. How about .... hmmmm.....what would be fun to give away (no I'm not giving one of the kids away...I'd go to jail) mmmmm.....mmmmm.....2 Bag Tags....your choice of colors!!! If you hate that....then you'll have to talk me into something else I guess :)

The Cabin....ahhhhhh our retreat away from electricity or running water. Rick and his family built the cabin in 1983. The boys love to go to the "house cabin."

Speaking of the quick funny and I'll get right back on topic...I promise. Tonight Aaron, Zach and I are in the backyard trying our best to catch fire flies. Aaron looks at me very seriously and says, "Mommy it takes imperial skills to catch 4 fireflies in one jar." Imperial skills? You just have to love that one.

I thought it would be fun to do a week of each day I'll be away. Does that sound like a good idea?



  1. What wonderful photos and what sweet boys. Imperial skills??? What a riot!

    A week of giveaways sounds like a fun week! As for today's answer, I have no idea, but because you said that it was taken in PA, I will guess that they are MJ's shirts.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Do the shirts belong to Grandma??
    We missed you at the EGA Meeting last week.

    Sue Hojnacki

  3. I will guess that the shirts belong to their maternal Grandma.

  4. I'm thinking they are Grammy's shirts too! They are too cute wearing them whosever they are...a little warmth was needed and instantly found...

  5. I think maybe the shirts belong to their aunt :-)


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