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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Checker After Market Open House - 2

So do you want to meet Ruth? Are you curious? No?....Well you are boring and and no fun and you need to go back to the television set. Yes?....Stay right here.....the mystery is about to be revealed.....but first....a little background:

Have you ever called a business and felt like you were just another stranger that is calling with a question. The person answers your questions but seems disinterested or just matter of fact? Then you make a call and a kind person who genuinely seems to care answers and helps you out?

I called Checker about an order I placed and spoke with Ruth Lofton. You would have thought I was buying something from Ruth personally. She could not have been more friendly, kind and cheerful. I was so delighted I asked for her name so I could ask for her the next time I called. A few days later I dropped off some cookies for her. Ruth Lofton you ROCK :)

Ruth "Rocks" Lofton

I asked if Ruth was in and a gal took me into the back offices and introduced me personally. How nice was that? It was an absolute pleasure meeting Ruth. She is just as lovely as she sounds over the phone. Her desk is cheerful and she has some great family photos too. What a great lady. It is the people who always make the difference when it comes to business transactions. Who wants to buy from a cold voice or a recorded one? NOT ME.

Later I stumbled upon a nutcase with a vacuum cleaning the carpets in Checkers display area. I asked her what in the hell she thought she was doing vacuuming during an Open House and could she put that noisy vacuum away. She told me to shut up....she was testing the vacuum to see if indeed it was worth the purchase price. That woman even took the thing apart to see how it collected the dirt....she wanted to see for herself how much of the dirt it actually picked up. Then a gal cut up some thread and threw it on the floor so this lady could test the vacuum on thread. I must say it did pick up all the threads easily. Can you believe the nerve of some people?

Well when it was all said and done the carpets were clean. The nutcase was me (I talk to myself ...quietly).....I don't know what came over me.....I just had to see if it worked. Good Grief.....what I won't do to make sure I don't buy or sell something that is less that my expectations. No one wants to be disappointed right?
There were other shop owners talking among themselves and I overheard one ask if the Bendable Bright Light really worked. The other said "I don't know". Well....I being friendly I walked over and said.....I've sold over 40 of those lights....they are wonderful and if you don't have one you should treat yourself to one today....and 10 for customers that happen into your shop in the next few days. Ya think they'll tell the folks at Checker I helped them buy all those Bright Lights? Perhaps they could call me to work the floor for think they could afford to have me there? Me either. I'm not thinking Oprah has enough money to get me to leave these little guys here at home. Besides....I don't want to be locked up for talking to myself...LOL....I'm sure I'd be in good company though.
I got to meet Jim McDonald as well. I was asking Penny Haren, the lady from yesterday's post who invented the Creative Grid Fussy Cut Rulers, about how distributors buy from vendors. She was explaining it to me when Jim walked by. She waved him over and he was more than happy to answer my questions. Jim is the Operations Manager at Checker. He said he has been with Checker for 30 years. Someone should "king him." Corney I know....but I can't help it.
Jim McDonald
Have you ever used Cutter Glide? I have not and I had not ever heard of it prior to last Friday. I asked about this product and read the packaging. Increases sharpness, reduces wear, blades last longer and cures craft punches. Hmmmmm....sounds good. But you know me, I won't buy it until someone shows me it really works or someone I know has tried it and says it is worth it. So....until I hear....I will just wait and see. It did get my attention and I'll keep my eyes and ears open!!!

Cutter Glide side view
The Open House was great. The were demonstrating the Creative Grids Rulers, Texture Magic, Acu-Quilt, the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker and Rotary Cutting Machine. There were lots of new products on display. Coffee and cookies at the door did not hurt one bit. Then inside the warehouse were coolers full of sodas and water. Nice....nice....but what about the hot waiters dressed in short shorts and no shirts and Margaritas on their trays? Hmmmmm....guess I'll put that in their suggestion box when I go over next time!!!
Well, ya just never know when you will see a nutcase red head trying out a new item in a store or warehouse. If you do....just know....she's working for you :)
Don't forget to leave you comment for the giveaway going on until this don't know about it??? Go back a few posts....all the info is there....Good Luck.

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  1. Only you Kelly! 8-) All you need is a toga and a cocktail glass and you'll be my favorite "Domestic Goddess"


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