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Monday, June 22, 2009

Twenty Dollars Well Spent

I happened to stop at an estate sale this past weekend. I saw this sewing machine and wondered why it was 20 dollars. The sale was coming to a close and I was surprised it had not been purchased. I asked the gal if it worked and she said yes it does so I bought it. Surprisingly I did not even ask her to sell it for 10 or 15 dollars. No haggling necessary....I just signed the adoption papers (she accepted credit cards too!!!) and brought Helga home with me.

I wish I had a video camera turned on when my husband saw the sewing machine. He had such a puzzled look on his face. He asked me why I needed another sewing machine and he was serious. He honestly had no idea why I would buy another sewing machine.

I loved the treasure hunt that followed. I opened up all the drawers and found so many fun items. Snaps for .23 cents, wooden spools of thread for .25 cents. The oil bottle looks to be the same age as the sewing machine and I just love it.

I'd say that was 20.00 well spent. What do you think?

Smiles, Kelly


  1. Wow! Yes, you definitely got a great deal! Congratulations on your new addition!

  2. Hello, I,m cottonreel. What a find !!20 $, I,m hoping I might get a lil ol black singer sewing machine. I live in England. It is not the new small version that I know is available, but one that grandma used to use.

  3. Wow Kelly what a prize!! And for only $20!!! I've never seen a Kenmore that old. Does it have a serial number to look up the date??

  4. you can always use another one.... I have 12....
    enjoy your new friend


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