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Monday, June 8, 2009

Quilt Market Giveaway

Remember when I said we would have some fun giveaways after Quilt Market....well I've been a bit bogged down with planting, yard work, two little fellas and a daughter getting married in July. My plate is full and overflowing!!!

However, I'm not one to say I'll do something and then not do it. No way, no how, nuht uh....however that sound is spelled :)

This book will be given away to one lucky winner chosen by the random number generator. The book, "Piecing with Pixels" by Sandra Hart & Gudny Campbell is signed by Sandra Hart. I received this book from Checker Distributors at the Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. Mary Hart demonstrated how she uses her own unique images to make beautiful quilts. The book will teach you how to use your unique images to make your own quilts. It is full of excellent illustrations and photos. The retail price of this book is $26.95 US. I will be shipping it to the winner via USPS media mail.

How can you win this book?

Go to and look around. Leave a comment on this post about three things you don't have that you would like to have. That is one entry. If you post about this giveaway on your blog (e-mail the link to that is 2 entries. If you purchase something from the website between 6/8/09 and 6/14/09 that is 3 entries. So that is 5 chances to win this book. The giveaway begins on 6/08/09 and will end on 6/14/09 at 12:00 midnight CMT. Every entry will be assigned a number and the winner will be chosen by the random number generator.

Good Luck!!!......Kelly


  1. I would really love William Morris in Applique and the pattern Anna's garden and the Deluxe thimble showcase. Please count me in the draw.

  2. Looks like a very nice book and would love to have a chance to win it. I went to your shop and found lots of things I'd like to have if had lots of money. These are some of my favorites:
    Kwik Bind 1/2in Bias Binder & Attachments, Fabric Strip Cutter, Rotary Cutting Machine. I could list many more but I think that these three ould really make a quilter's life easier.

  3. Hi Kelly
    I'd love a threepk of the small clover thimble, the simplicity bias tape maker, and the rotary cutter machine. oh, and more time please!

  4. OK, here are my 3 things -- the bendable light, the new Clover thimble and the Texture Magic. Thanks for the chance, Kelly.

  5. Easy to find three things there..there was so much to offer. I've been seeing everyone with a bendable light; that would help my aging eyes. I'd also like a magnetic bar to hang small quilts, pictures for inspiration, patterns and pieces.. Another item I've never tried but would like to is the Best press. Have heard only good things about it.

  6. My three wishes from the quilt genie would be for EQ 6 (as if I don't spend enough time on the computer already), any of the stash busting/strip books (because goodness knows I have fabric to use up) and another handy thing to have would be the non skid pedal holder (I am forever chasing my foot pedal across the floor!).

    Thanks for the chance to win, Kelly! The book looks really interesting!

  7. I would love to win that gorgeous book. My three things are the bias tape maker, the floor caddy organizer in dark taupe that I've had on my wishlist forever so I can do little sewing projects or cross stitching in the living room, and the portable hobby table because I need cutting space that can be put away. Thanks for the chance to win.


  8. Here are my three things that I do not have but would like to have: William Morris appliqué book,
    Simplicity bias tape maker,3 in 1 color tool. Thanks for the chance.

  9. here is my wishlist...(1) EQ6,I've heard such great things about it and how it can help your design process (2) MagPRo bar, I need it to help me get organized and (3) the simplicity bias tape maker...I'm so tired of getting burned. thanks, keeping my fingers crossed

  10. What I do not have but would like to have is the Mighty Bright Xtra Flex Clip-On Light, Bias Tape Maker Machine and the Applique Template Freezer Paper.

  11. I'm always up for learning a new technique :-)
    As for what I'd like from your store... only 3 things? LOL
    * embroiderer's buddy
    * in-over-your-head apron pattern
    * EQ6 software

  12. Hi! What a wonderful shop! I went through it top to bottom. Sooo many wonderful Things ! If there were a quilting fairy.. I would put on my wish list the light on the sewingmachine, a bastinggun, some of the fancy rulers as you describe above (the square one and a curved one I have been wanting a long time, I only have one straight one)and of course EO6 or similar software.. but as the quilting fairy has passed me by.... I must have been bad buying too much fabric !!

  13. Great Site, Kelly! My 3 wishes - Simplicity Roatry Cutting machine & Bias Tape Maker and the Zip Bind System. If you dream, dream big, huh? The book is one I've been very curious about, thanks for the chance to win it. gailtaylor(at)hotmail(dot)com

  14. Thanks for the great giveaway! My three wishes are:
    1. bias tape maker machine
    2. gingher 45mm hand rotary cutter
    3. Creative Grids 14 1/2in x 14 1/2in Square It Up Or Fussy Cut

  15. I love your blog and your website! Hard to decide on only 3 things on my wish list so here are 4: Penny Haren's Pieced Applique book and the Square It Up/Fussy Cut Ruler; Clover Grip Thimbles; Clearly Perfect Angles. Those are good for a start!
    Betty B.

  16. OOO a giveaway!
    I am lusting after EQ6, a portable hobby table and the magnetic quilt-holder.

  17. I just re read the previous posting about the email adddress mine is


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