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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day Two Giveaway

You have a chance to win this brand new pair GrabARoo's (size 7) and a Square Dancer pattern by Mountain Peek Creations.

I love these GrabARoo gloves. They are great for free motion quilting and a host of other things too. I gave a pair to my mail carrier and he was thrilled. I love to scrapbook and when I use these I don't get fingerprints on my pictures!!! Woo hooo :) The paper and pictures are easy to pick up too.

The Square Dancer pattern was given to me at Quilt Market by the gals at Mountain Peek Creations. They were sooo kind and generous. I thought I would share this beautiful pattern with a lucky winner :) I hope that winner is YOU!!!

What do you have to do today? Well....lets imagine you were given a gift certificate for $357.00 from and you had to spend it all. What would you buy? Have fun....but just remember you are imagining you were given that certificate.....its imaginary :)

If you want to win a prize for this weeks giveaways please be sure to leave your e-mail in your post. If for some reason your computer does not allow you to leave comments feel free to leave your comments on my web site and I'll include them in the giveaway.



  1. Probably any instructional DVDs on applique, a binder maker, a rotating mat cutter, and maybe a needlepoint pattern. Great idea.

  2. I gave serious thought to this list:

    Fabric Strip Cutter 44.99
    Sewing Machine Fabric Holder 8.99
    Poly Sheen Emb. Thread Set 18.99
    Seampicker 20.99
    Curved Snips 14.75
    Lace and Applique SnipEze 14.95
    Spinning Cutting mat 35.00
    Grabaroos gloves (in case I don't win...LOL) 7.95
    Pigma Pen Set 11.99
    Olfa Blades 42.00
    Met & cotton Emb Thread Set 68.00
    Bendable Bright Light w/add'l mount 42.00
    Cone thread stand 9.99
    Clip & Flip Magnifier for glasses 7.75
    EQ Foundation Sheets 6.25
    Button cover kit 1/2" 1.65
    1/2" refill 1.30
    TOTAL $356.85...keep the change!!!

    I'm the first comment AGAIN!!!

  3. OH OH...forgot my email yesterday AND today! But I THINK it comes up if you click on my name?

  4. A gift certificate for $357? What fun! First I would buy EQ 6 and then the other $247.01 would go for books and patterns!

  5. Sounds like a fun give-away to me. Count me in.

    SewCalGal (@)

  6. I would spend it on the folowing:

    The wire needlework holders, I love them for smaller projects, they are just so cute, I have a couple of them.

    Hardwood display boxes - beautiful & I could find many uses.



    Bias tape maker

    Block Base cd rom

    field bag tote

    If there was any money left over ( I dd not add up my wish list purchases) I would purchase various threads.

    Judy in Michigan

  7. What fun! Guess I would love to try the EQ6. And your portable design wall looks super. The graberoos and the new grip thimbles. Wow wouldn't it be fun to have such a great shopping spree :-) Thanks for the fun idea. Even it if is only imaginary.

  8. ok if I was to have a gift voucher here goes
    William morris in applique
    a to z bead embroidery
    a to z ribbon embroidery
    most likely all of the country bumpkin publications.
    bias maker simplicity with spare sizes
    3 Protect and Grip Timbles by Clover
    Paintstik Set Iridescent Set of 12
    Paintstik Set Professional Paintstiks on Fabric by Shelly Stokes
    and so on I think I need to leave some postage in for New Zealand.

  9. If I won a $357 gift certificate, I would buy a Bendable Bright Light, Paint Stik Matte Mini Assortment, Oliso Auato Lift Steam Iron, 60mm Deluxe Ergonomic Olfa Rotary Cutter, 54 Inch Design Wall and the Bias Tape Maker Machine and leave a few cents to come back for my next purchase!

  10. OK, I'd buy an iron, a bendable bright light, some Texture Magic and then a whole bunch of notions for my quilting friends at the lake house... Thanks for the chance, Kelly!

  11. I would Like the Bias Tape maker and as much Dear Jane stuff that the $258 can buy - book, rulers, fabric. You are selling the book for $19.95US and CDRom for $39.95 here on oz I would pay close to $100A. And please can you add the beautiful book from Bonnie K Hunter Scraps and Shirttails

  12. Name: Rosemary Caldwell
    Comments: I would buy one of everything till I ran out of gift cert. amount!

  13. Here is a rough draft of my want list...please feel free to grant my wishes....

    2-cordless carpet for the sewing room, one for the main floor of the house

    2-magnetic bars largest size

    inklingo shape coll #3

    Inklingo handbook

    Cutting garden DVD (always wanted to see how this was done)

    Fused art DVD

    French Curl fabric holder

    Best press...not that I like's a gift for someone else who does...(sick girl)

    A-z Embroidery stitches

    And that concludes the wish list and the $357! THat was fast and easy to spend

    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  14. I know I missed your midnight deadline but I was happily interrupted by an unexpected visit from grandchildren. But since I had so much fun making up my wish list, I wanted to post it anyway. No need to include me in the giveaway:
    Fabric Strip Cutter 44.99
    Bias Tape Maker Machine 73.99
    Shark VX3 Cordless Floor and 79.99
    Carpet Cleaner Vacuum
    Portable Hobby Table 151.00
    Summer Tote Pattern 6.85
    For a total of 356.82 Pretty close, huh?

  15. There are so many things I want, but to start I would get:
    EQ6 - $109.99
    Ultimate Table Lamp - $124
    Ominigrid Travel Case - $34
    Autolif System Touch Iron - $89
    $356.99... Not bad for a quick shopping trip!

  16. Oh this is so much fun! Oops, I think I went over...
    Cone Thread Carousel
    EQ Drawing software (both)
    Dear Jane CD
    Inklingo CD
    Kwik Binder
    Bias Tape Maker

  17. Wow...I would buy fabric of course, order more thread (Masterpiece from Superior) as I'm getting low and try some of the pre-wound bobbins Superior offers also, I have heard they are wonderful. There are several notions I need, including a new, really good iron. Then I would "try" to save enough to go have a wonderful romantic dinner with my hubby...were 20 days away from our 41st wedding anniversary. Then maybe a new set of bathroom scales that weighs about 10 lbs light, just to make me feel good **wink**. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

  18. I was surprised at how much I liked! I was still going through books when I ran out of (imaginary) money and not even got to notions yet...

    Here goes:
    bendable light $42
    lightbox 68.99
    EQ6 applique 18.95
    EQ6 pieced 16.95
    dear jane cdrom 39.99
    william morris in applique 23.95
    dear jane book 19.95
    hawaian quilting dvd 26.-
    jelly roll quilts 19.95
    kaffe fasset museum quilts 29.95
    laura W, fused art quilts dvd 16.00
    paintsticks dvd 22.50
    paintsticks book 14.50

    I was just about to add the pretty little..what was it again.. patches? when I realized I had run out of money. This 'little' lot came to 359.68 so would even have to add a few of my own dollars.

    sooooooo..... Is this list going to be a surprise gift for the winner? :-)


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