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Monday, October 4, 2010

Creativity and Desperation....What do they have in common?

This morning, Creativity and Desperation have Kelly Jackson in common!!!  I was up most of the night re-doing a challenge quilt that is due today.  I think my creativity was fueled by desperation....but we'll find out later today when all the finishing touches are put into place.  Going to bed at 3:30 am when the alarm goes off at 7:30 also brings desperation-how to motivate my co-workers to get dressed, eat, brush teeth....and get on the bus....Oh the joy of YouTube....all I had to do was turn on this YouTube video and they were good as gold.  Thought you may enjoy it too!  IHAN will return to it's regularly schedule program.....soon :)

Toasty Smiles,


  1. Now if your toaster turns up missing there is a good bet that your co-workers are probably starting a band! lol

  2. And I thought I waited till the last minute, lol.
    I need to get a ton of things done this week and of all times, I seem to have gotten a cold, not fun.


  3. I think that will be the craziest thing I see all day- and its only 9a. YEAH TOAST!!!

  4. Hysterical! thanks for the morning laugh it was better than my coffee to get me going

  5. He's a trip. My favorite of his "songs" is the Big Butter Jesus. And incidently that is our exit off I-75 (that is, until it burned down)...

    Hang in there hon. You'll find your rhythm.

  6. Can you imagine being married to him? Gotta be smilin' all day, every day! Thanks for sharing that with us. Hope we get to see your challenge, too - I bet it's beautiful!

  7. Oh, I just love toast (and Heywood)! We actually saw him perform it once and he is a riot!

  8. Where do you come up with this stuff? In the wee hours of the morning or during your cat naps?

  9. How fun! Love to see these!


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