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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tour of IHAN Work Space & Projects

I had someone recently ask me to post my workspace and Micki said she was interested in seeing my punchneedle projects.  So I took some time this morning to take a few photos.

My sewing area is it the basement.  I recently had someone help me re-organize and move my tables so I would have more open space to walk.  I like it much better now but I do need my cutting table raised back up some.

The project I have on my table is a pattern by McKenna Ryan, Fish Tales, I need to mark it for quilting.  I love fish and when I saw this pattern I knew I had to make it.  Believe it or not, I started it over 5 years ago!!!  I had everything here and then our basement flooded and all the pattern pieces and fabrics were a mess.  I finally got up the nerve to sort it all back out and get the top finished.  The only reason I procrastinate on finishing this is because I love it so much I really want it to turn out nice.  I guess I just need some more confidence in my skills.

Some of you might remember the feed-sack dress.  I love that dress and Mary Jane made the apron so I just had to have it. 
I have more notions but I don't keep them all on my work wall.  The ones I don't use too often are in drawers. 

I forgot to take a photo of my "stash", please don't laugh :)  So here it is too!!!  It is behind my design wall.  I just got the insulation panel design wall while I was working on the Linda Poole Iridescence Quilt Challenge.  Which by the way, the deadline is tomorrow!!!   Click here to vote :)

Carol Merrill called in sick for work today, so I'll have to show you what's behind Door Number One myself.

Shelves with bins.  In those bins.....fabric oh yeah....and a big old bag of rice and lavender.
The rest of the stash has been shrunken down and put into the giant vacuum sealed zip lock storage bags.  This is where I need significant yardage and things I don't need to rifle through.  See, I don't have a big stash at all.  I've seen some of those photos of people's stash.....mine looks like it belongs to Minnie Mouse in comparison.  (Notice I did not photograph my scrapbook paper?  Now that would be impressive....shocking to many...that's where I learned not to I'm pretty moderate with my fabric.)

Here is IHAN headquarters....directly across from IHAN sewing center...LOL.

Oh geez, I didn't even close the file cabinet drawer.  Oh well.  Yes I know my desk is a mess....if I don't see does not exist.  That is how the Spring Quilt Market gifts got hidden.  I was so organized that I put them in hanging file folders in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet.  Not a good idea!!!

Next, projects I'm working on.  This is a Grab and Go Kit that I got to make a gift for our Quilt Guild Gift Exchange.  The gift has to be handmade.  I wanted to make something that I thought would made a good gift and did not really have to match any one's decor.
This is the punchneedle pattern I just finished for Halloween.  It is a Lizzie Kate Pattern and I thought it would be fun made into a table decoration.
My pumpkin was a Needle Arts Guild sampler and it will be a pin as soon as I mount it.
I got this pattern from my secret stitcher.  Our Needle Arts Guild has secret stitchers and they will bring little cards and gifts on occasion.  I was soooo excited when I saw this pattern.  It is the shape of a candy corn.  I'm going to use it as a pin keep-of course!!  The pattern is by With Thy Needle & Thread

I find doing punchneedle very relaxing.  Many of the designs that I've seen are "prim" but any pattern you draw can be done in punchneedle.  Any thread that will go through the needle will work too.  I have used sewing thread....a great purpose for old thread that you don't want to sew with.
So there you have it....the behind the scene look at IHAN.  Nothing too shocking or thrilling.  My desk is always full of papers....and little slips of papers.  I have not broken that habit yet.  
Tomorrow is the deadline for the Fall into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway.  The Giveaway is open to all bloggers so if you have not left a comment at IHAN yet just Click Here and leave a comment :)  This Fabric Roll by Westminster Fabrics is the prize...YUMMY!

Tomorrow is also the deadline to vote for Linda Poole's Iridescence Quilt Challenge.  My entry is pictured below.  Please, please, please go over and vote....just Click Here and scroll down to where it says Vote Here :)
Thanks so much to everyone who went over and voted.  Please send all of your family and friends over to vote least I said "please" right?


  1. I love, love, love your basement sewing room and IHAN office! Very well organized.


  2. Your sewing room is great, lots of space and lots of storage area. I wish they had a vote count, so we could see how the contest is going.


  3. Your sewing area looks great! It's so nice and bright for being in the Basement. Good use of wall racks. Got me thinking.... My husband should run now.

  4. Wow! You have a lot of work space...not me...My crafting areas are spread out all over our home. I really loved the pumpkin punchneedle. I can see why you would enjoy it.

  5. I am sitting here smiling from ear to ear....your desk looks like mine...if it is a mess, I can't create....actually, I did clean my space before I left and while sitting there I felt I had died and gone to heaven and railed myself for not keeping it that way. Enjoyed your post, stash, projects, notions...just enjoyed it.

  6. Thanks for sharing your sewing/office rooms and stash area with us. It's nice and spacious, and wish mine was bigger.

    I already voted for your quilt...and hope you win.

  7. "...if I don't see does not exist. "

    Great minds think alike! Bwahahahahaha!

    That is so cool to tour your creative space and the I Have a Notion nerve center... yes, I said nerve center... hahahahahah!

    Trying to be very covert there... Finish the fish. I want to see it!

  8. Oh I loved the studio tour! Your space looks similar to mine but I don't have the notions wall. I LOVE it!! I am going to snag that idea someday.

  9. You are so organized!! Love love love the grid system. Your punchneedle looks awesome, I wish I could do it but it wears me out, and my loops look terrible. I guess I need to stick with stitching!
    I LOVE your space, Kelly!

  10. Your work space is wonderful! No wonder you are so inspired and creative! ♥

  11. I love seeing your sewing workroom, impressive to say the least!!! I have a question about your wall organizer, where did you get it? I really need something like that, so please respond so I can start looking!!! Your stash looks very organized too.
    The gorgeous quilt is definitely a Winner!!!

  12. Nice to have all your stuff in one place. Mine is all over the house.

  13. I voted for you! Lovely work space, so well organized. Thanks for the tour! I should take up Punch needle, I have a big bag of thread I won't use for sewing!

  14. needlepunch too!!?? not going there....

  15. That looks like a productive workspace, but I do think you could use some help with that desk.

  16. Kelly -- I am doing a cross stitch (I think) for the guild exchange so we can trade presents and call it fair...haha!! That candle mat is CUTE! I am hoping to begin punchneedle...looks easy enough. Just the time restraint to get new ideas from in my head to many creative ideas, sew little time!

  17. I love getting a peak at other quilters' work spaces. Great tour and great space! Where did you get those nifty black wall racks?


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