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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spring Quilt Market 2010 - Dovo Solingen

If you have never heard of Dovo Solingen you are not alone.  Until my first Quilt Market I had never heard of Dovo Solingen Scissors either.  It was the end of market and I was walking up an isle and saw a line of ladies waiting at the Dovo Booth.  I happened to have known one of the gals so I asked what they were waiting for.  I was expecting to hear something like....Elvis will be right out or John Alison is giving away free fresh chocolate chip cookies.  Nope!  They were waiting to pick up the scissors they wanted to purchase from John.  So, I asked why?  She let out a small gasp and walked me over to the scissors and showed me why.  Holey smokes.....these are like Heirloom Quality Scissors.  They are imported from Germany, Solingen Germany, and they are definitely some spanky scissors. 

This is John Allison's Dovo Booth.  Now I'm not saying he does not work.....but can I say....he is the most relaxed guy at Market.  His booth is easy to set up, just unfold the boards and he is sweating and rushing.....just up and done.  Ya gotta love that.  I so badly want his job.....but I'm thinking he would not give it up for all the steel in Germany!

There are also Gift Sets like this one and others too.
This little brief case is too cute.  What a lovely way to disguise your "business!"
These are folding scissors and they come in a little leather pouch.  I was fortunate enough to get a pair of these in Minneapolis (I treat myself to a pair at every Market) and I walked around the entire time rubbing my pocket.  I absolutely love these scissors.  I know what you are thinking.  What about the Scissorman? Was I right?  Yes....I knew that is what you were thinking.  Brint understands I have a "thing" for scissors and he accepts me just the way I am.  The Dovo are significantly more expensive and some girls just like to have some of everything :)
These are Hardanger Scissors.  Oh they are soooo nice.
Close up of their blunt tip Machine Embroidery scissors.
Oh yes, and I also have a pair of these, Embroidery Scissors.  These are the ones that have such a sharp fine point that you can cut a single check out of a piece of small gingham check fabric without over cutting.  I was amazed the first time I saw that. 

IHAN currently has three pair of the Embroidery Scissors in stock.  I order direct from Germany so I don't keep many pair in stock because I pay import tax and shipping.  I will be placing an order in the beginning of November for the Holidays.  So if there is a pair of Dovo Scissors you would like, please e-mail me at and inquire.  All of the scissors you see on the Dovo Solingen website I can get so just write down the part number and let me know. 



  1. I sent you a little email. I really would love to caress those shears (scissors) and look at them in person so I could pick better.

  2. I have one pair of the Dovo embroidery scissors. They are fantastic! I'm glad to see you are carrying them.

  3. Love the scissors, beautiful look to them.
    I do love good scissors, but I destroy them too fast.


  4. Wow - those are gorgeous! I don't dare get new scissors anytime soon - I have too many!

  5. Expensive scissors just don't do it for me...not sure why....maybe because I've never tried them!

  6. Gorgeous scissors! The gift packs are wonderful!

  7. I also get a pair every market I go to. I adore them, and John. Heh. You are so right about his booth. Small but marvelous. He has no need of fancy decor because the scissors say it all.


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