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Friday, October 15, 2010

Grandpa and Punchneedle Embroidery

Since the post yesterday, I've had several people inquire about Punchneedle Embroidery.  So here is a little bit of information about Punchneedle and Grandpa :)

Rick's parents, Dick and Dolores (Grandpa and Grandma) came to visit last month.  I was showing Grandma and Grandpa the Punchneedle piece I was working on.  Grandpa asked me to show him how I was doing it and I gave him a little lesson (mind you, I'm no authority on the subject!). 

I gave each of them a Cameo Punchneedle and some thread.  I started with the Cameo Punchneedle and I found it very easy to learn with.  It can easily be adjusted for the length of the loop.  I now use the Super Luxo Punchneedles because I like to take the handle off and just use the tip.  Any thread that will go through your needle will work!!!  You do need a good hoop with a rim that will hold the fabric taunt.  It needs to be as tight as a drum.  I use a frame (you can see Grandpa is using my frame) .  The Round-About Punchneedle Frame has the same type of carding as mine does.  It really holds the fabric taunt.

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I gave Grandpa this pattern from the M Shaw Collection.  Look what he did in just 2 days.  Punchneedle goes fairly quickly compared to may other forms of embroidery.  If you are ever interested in learning Punchneedle the book I would recommend is Punchneedle, The Complete Guide by Marinda Stewart.  It is the best I have found.
Marinda's instructions are very clear with photos and lots of examples of Punchneedle being used in a variety of ways.  There are lots of other wonderful Punchneedle books out there as well.  Marinda's is just my favorite.

On another note, today is the last day for the Fall into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaways.  So if you have not clicked on the Scarecrow and hopped around entering some wonderful better get hopping!!!



  1. He did such a wonderful job on the piece, that is a good idea for the elderly. Now he will have to have more patterns;)


  2. I bet grandpa had a blast. Its something to keep him busy also. I like the fish. I received the order I placed with you and what a great package. I adore the animal quilt postcards. The recycled bag I am going to give my daughter for christmas. I like the zipper on it.

  3. I will definitely have to try this...Hope I can do it.
    Which kit would you suggest for a beginner?

  4. I love Grandpa's fish. Great job. This would also be a great project to take on a trip.


  5. Kelly I've seen so many great patterns on your site that I'm now encouraged to try again. I hate it when I can't get something - I love the look and feel of punchneedle so much!
    WTG Grandpa!

  6. Hey Kelly, I used to make punch rugs when I was younger, is it the same concept with a smaller needle (puncher)? By the way, your name came up on a quilting board I read, lots of people were saying to buy the GO Baby from you. Best price and great customer relations. Yea!

  7. Good for Grampa...what fun. OMG..I can't believe this. I used to do punch needle years and years ago, and actually have a big scene picture in my closet that is not finished....mmmmh?? in my spare time...???

  8. Love the records-we can redecorate our walls with all of our old records.
    The quilt is adorable. Can't wait to see what else is in the book.
    Enjoy Market and be sure to go to Giordano's and have a stuffed pizza for me!

    Jane Epstein


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